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December 1, 1965 (Note from Mother to Satprem) Satprem, In the "Notes on the Way," there is a lot of pruning to be done. [[Mother is referring to the conversation of November 27 which Satprem wished to publish at least in part in the Ashram's Bulletin. ]] The passage concerning sanctioned marriages must be cut, and so must the entire reference to the Ashram's composition. All that is too "private" to be published. And along that line you may find here and there other sentences that are better omitted. I would like us to go over that again carefully next Saturday. Tenderness Signed: Mother Page 317
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April 10, 1965 I have been asked a question (Mother looks for a note): How can I love the Lord? I have never seen Him and never He speaks to me. This is my answer: It is not what one sees or hears that one loves, it is love that one loves through the forms and sounds, and of all love the most perfect love, the most loving love is the Lord's love. When I wrote it, it was an extraordinarily intense experience: one cannot love anything but love, and it is love that one loves behind all things - it is love that one loves. It is Love that loves itself everywhere. Page 70 And form and sound are excuses. (silence) Do you find it hard to understand? !? No,
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April 23, 1965 Every night now, almost without exception, I spend a part of the night in someone else, who seems to be me - it's "me," but the circumstances are completely different, the relationships are completely different. And last night, I don't know how (oh, it was a long story), I saw myself: I was wearing a sari and my hair was loose, and it was white! It was white with some black streaks that had remained black; and suddenly I saw my face in a mirror, and that's how I knew it was someone else. And it seems to be quite a daily occupation, a very regular occupation, with people totally different from one another, totally different, but all of them in contact with Sri Aurobindo'
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January 12, 1965 (Regarding an old "Playground Talk" of March 8, 1951, in which Mother spoke of the being that possessed and "guided" Hitler: "Hitler was in contact with a being whom he considered to be the Supreme: that being would come and give him advice and tell him all that he had to do. Hitler would withdraw into solitude and wait long enough to come into contact with his 'guide' and receive inspirations from him which he would afterwards carry out very faithfully. That being whom Hitler took for the Supreme was quite simply an Asura, the one called in occultism 'the Lord of Falsehood,' and he Page 16 proclaimed himself to be 'the Lord of Nations.' He had a resplendent a
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February 27, 1965 (Regarding the Playground Talk of March 10, 1951: "In the physical form there is the 'spirit of the form,' and that spirit of the form persists for a time, even when outwardly the person is said to be dead. And as long as the spirit of the form persists, the body isn't destroyed. In ancient Egypt they had that knowledge; they knew that if they prepared the body in a certain way, the spirit of the form wouldn't go away and the body wouldn't be dissolved. In certain cases, they succeeded wonderfully. And if you go and violate the sleep of those beings who for thousands of years have remained like that, I can understand that they aren't too pleased, especially when thei
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November 23, 1965 Regarding the message Mother will give for the November 24 darshan: Page 300 "It is certainly a mistake to bring down the light by force - to pull it down. The Supramental cannot be taken by storm. When the time is ready it will open of itself - but first there is a great deal to be done and that must be done patiently and without haste." Sri Aurobindo That's good for sensible people. They will say, "There, he doesn't promise any miracles." Why? Are there lots of people who tend to "pull"? People are in a hurry, they want to see results right away. So then, they think they are pulling the Supramental down - and they pull some little vital ent
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_06/December 7_1965.htm
December 7, 1965 Regarding Mother's recent "illness" It was what people call "black magic" - I don't call it black magic, but it was an adverse formation, which I saw in all its details exactly on December 5. On the 5th itself I saw it, and afterwards I understood. It was extremely interesting, but it's impossible to repeat. On the 5th, at the meditation, I knew what it was (the day Page 319 after you came). Extremely interesting. Maybe one day I will tell it, but it's very, very private. On the afternoon of the 5th, after I had understood clearly and seen everything and done everything, suddenly ... (you know how Sri Aurobindo used to take away illnesses: it was like
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_06/June 12_1965.htm
June 12, 1965 Regarding a letter Mother wrote to a disciple: ... There are all kinds! Complications, lots of complications; there are all kinds of ill will, at least of people who go round in circles instead of going forward. And stupid inventions. The other night ... Because the head is always still, like this (gesture to the forehead, palms open to the Light from above); I give thanks to the Lord for that, and it's always like that; so I don't decide what's to be done, I don't decide what's to be answered - nothing: when it comes, it comes. And some people had played a really nasty trick ([laughing] I couldn't care less!) and I wasn't budging. And as it happens, in the middle of
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_06/June 14_1965.htm
June 14, 1965 (Mother looks for a card to reply to a disciple on. One card is illustrated with a big fish.) What's the fish a symbol of? I don't know. The Buddhists use the symbol of two intertwined fish. I think it's Multitude? I often have underwater dreams: the other day, for instance, I went under water (and without any difficulty) and there were hosts of fish - I was fishing under water. But those fish were dead, or had just died - hosts of fish that weren't decomposing, that were still good, but dead, because they didn't have any more air or water. Generally, fish in the sea mean Multitude.[[. In a personal context such as this dream, fish, according to Sri Aurobindo
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_06/August 7_1965.htm
August 7, 1965 I had a long conversation with you this morning. I told you many things. Did you hear? No, nothing. This morning, for, oh, at least a good hour, an experience came: the true attitude and true role of the material mind - lived, not thought. Lived. It was interesting. A sort of tranquil beatitude.... It was about the relationship between the constant state and the action that keeps coming from outside and interrupts (or has the habit of interrupting when it shouldn't), interrupts this constant state. There were examples, and the first that came was you, the relationship with you, and the way out of the "state of illness," I might say, and also the complete bloss