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November 16, 1961 (Letter from Mother to Satprem on the occasion of his manuscript being sent to Paris:) 11-16-61 Satprem, my dear child, You were scheduled for the 21st and the Italian 'delegate' for the 23rd. I have switched it around, so on the 23rd you take the place of this lady, whom I will now see on the 21st. I find the book VERY BEAUTIFUL. With all my tenderness, Signed: Mother Page 390
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_02/August 25_1961.htm
August 25, 1961 (Mother gives flowers) This is Alchemy. [[Hymenocallis (Spider Lily). ]] And here! (Mother hands Satprem some cheese) I still have plenty, you know! It doesn't matter, mon petit, this is the last of it. I may have one or two boxes left, but that's all. How is the work going? I don't know. It doesn't matter. You must know how it's going! (Mother laughs) Yes! And I say: 'It doesn't matter if you don't say anything!' I knew you wouldn't! But it's going all right, it's all right. [319] Anyway, X has written to me (and to M. also), telling me he will be here on the 29th, but will have to leave on the 10th, so it won't be for Page 319 ve
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_02/May 30_1961.htm
May 30, 1961 After working: And you? What's new? I don't know very well where I stand. Oh, it's best not to know! Personally I have stopped - I have stopped trying to know. With the stubbornness of a child, I keep repeating to the Lord, 'It's time You change all this!' There are moments, you know, when you want to weep - which is idiotic! So you surrender it all to the Lord: 'I leave this work to You - do what You will, as You will, when You will.' And I try to be as tranquil as I can (Mother makes a gesture of mental immobility), but when you do so, you become aware of ... oh, it's like a swarm of flies coming - from here, from there, from above, from below, oh ...
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_02/February 25_1961.htm
February 25, 1961 (Mother gives Satprem some flowers.) This one is the Constant Remembrance of the Divine. [[Lonicera japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle). ]] This is Life Energy [[Chrysanthemum, yellow. ]] and Purified Life Energy. [[Chrysanthemum, white. ]] Then Faithfulness [[Quisqualis indica. ]] : the peace of Faithfulness - Faithfulness to the Divine, of course, that's understood! This is Divine Solicitude [[Malvaviscus arboreus. ]] ;this is the Aspiration for Transformation, [[Millingtonia hortensis (Indian Cork Tree). ]] and the response: see how beautiful it is - like velvet! it's the Promise of Realization. [[Tropaeolum majus (Nasturtium). ]] Here is Light Without Obs
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_02/May 23_1961.htm
May 23, 1961 (Satprem inquires about Mother's health.) It's obviously a type of filariasis which obstinately refuses to go away, but anyway.... It causes only one inconvenience now: it makes the legs very weak - very weak. I go through what seem like terrible gymnastics to climb the stairs. Other than that it doesn't Page 212 matter. From time to time it pricks, it stings, it bites, it swells up - but it's nothing. X said it would go away completely. The doctor said, 'It will not go away.' So my body is observing the phenomenon! (Mother laughs) * (Mother reviews some earlier 'Questions and Answers.' In one of them - dated November 14, 1956 - someone had asked if maste
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_02/February 4_1961.htm
February February 4, 1961 Here, I have brought you two flowers. They have two different yet very typically Indian fragrances: this one is Straightforwardness, [[Ixora arborea (Torch Tree). ]] and this is SIMPLICITY. [[Hymenantherum, a tiny yellow flower like a miniature daisy. ]] I have always found that this one (Mother holds out the Simplicity) has a cleansing fragrance: when you breathe it, ah, everything becomes clean - it's wonderful! (Mother breathes in the flower's fragrance.) Once I cured myself of the onset of a cold with it - this can be done when you catch it at the very beginning. It fills you completely, the nose, the throat.... And this [Straightforwardness] is right
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_02/March 27_1961.htm
March 27, 1961 (Mother brings along a note she had written the same morning concerning a meditation with X, the tantric 'guru.') 'The extreme subjectivity of experiences is very disconcerting. 'Yesterday, while waiting for X, I was as usual in communion with the Supreme in his aspect of Love. Suddenly I felt X arriving and spontaneously, like a Veda, a movement of gratitude for his great goodwill arose from my heart, and it was formulated as a prayer to the Supreme: "Give him [X] the bliss of Your Love and the joys of Your Truth." 'For a long time X has said nothing about his meditations with me, but just yesterday he told N. that he had some difficulty at the start
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_02/October 30_1961.htm
October 30, 1961 (The day before and at the beginning of this conversation, Satprem read aloud some passages of his manuscript relating to the Veda. Then Mother chose the photograph of Sri Aurobindo for the frontispiece. She speaks slowly, as though from a great distance, in a semi-trance.) That's how I first saw him, at the head of the staircase. (silence) I had an experience while listening to you read; it was as if I heard, 'The beginning of the legend ... the beginning of the legend....' It's rather strange. He is there and the atmosphere is full of a sort of concentration of force, and there are these two things: 'This is how legends come into being ... how legends b
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_02/July 7_1961.htm
July 7, 1961 (Mother gives Satprem a white zinnia she has named 'Integral Endurance,' then an allamanda or 'Victory,' and finally a flower of 'Supramental Victory.') Here is an Integral Endurance. But ... victory. Victory. And this one is Supramental Victory - that is, victory in ALL details. It grows in huge clusters of many, many flowers. There. And I go on reading.... 'On Himself'? Yes - the explanation of his yoga and of what he wants us to realize. After reading it yesterday evening I said to him, 'How do you expect it to be done in this!'(Mother laughingly indicates her own body.) 'No, no, no!' he replied, 'That's not it! What is needed now is to learn how to last. W
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_02/January 22_1961.htm
January 22, 1961 (Mother had been unwell the past few days. She speaks here of the causes behind the physical disorder.) Ah! How are you? You're the one who should be asked that! I'm all right. All right? ... I saw it last night ... oof! It was a kind of artificial hurricane created by semi-human beings (that is, they have human forms but they aren't men). They created the storm to cut me off from 'my home.' But everything and everyone was disrupted - it must have been going on for a rather long time. Finally last night it became quite amusing: I kept attempting to get to 'my home' which was up above, but each time I tried to find a way everything was blocked by ...