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February 1958 (A few days after the experience of February 3, Mother had other experiences that seemed a continuation of it) Everyone carries with him, in his atmosphere, what Sri Aurobindo calls the 'Censors'; in a way, they are the permanent delegates of the hostile forces. Their role is to criticize mercilessly each act, each thought, the least movement of the consciousness, and to place you before the most hidden motives of your behavior, to expose the least lower vibration accompanying your apparently purest or highest thoughts or acts. It is not here a question of morality. These gentlemen are not moralizing agents, although they know very well how to make use of mora
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April 14, 1960 (Letter to Pavitra f rom Satprem) Hyderabad, April 14, 1960 Dear Pavitra, The following passage, taken from the Revue des Deux Mondes of March 1960, was part of a course taught by Dimitri Manowilski in 1931 at the Lenin School of Political Warfare in Moscow: 'Our turn will come in twenty to thirty years. To win, we need an element of surprise. The bourgeoisie should be lulled to sleep. Therefore, we must first launch the most spectacular peace movement that has ever existed, replete with inspiring proposals and extraordinary concessions. The stupid and decadent capitalist countries will cooperate joyfully in their own destruction. They will jump at this new op
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January 1, 1958 (Extract from the Wednesday class) O Nature, Material Mother, thou hast said that thou wilt collaborate and there is no limit to the splendor of this collaboration. (Message of January 1, 1958) Sweet Mother, will you explain this year's message? There is nothing to explain. It is an experience, something that took place, and when it took place, I noted it down; and it so happens that it occurred just as I remembered that I had to write something for the new year (which at that time was the following year, that is, the year beginning today). When I remembered that I had to write something - not because of that, but simultaneously - this experien
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August 8, 1958 It's remarkable that things you have understood in your consciousness ... reappear as problems to be solved in the cells of the body. In the cells, both things are there. The body is convinced of the divine Presence everywhere, that all is the Divine - it lives in that; and at the same time, it shrinks from certain contacts! I saw that this morning, both things at once, and I said, 'Lord, I know nothing at all!' There (gesture above the head), everything has been resolved, I could write books on how to resolve this or that, how the synthesis is made, etc., but here (the body) ... I live this synthesis stumblingly. The two coexist, but it is still not THAT (gestu
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December 28, 1958 (Letter to Mother from Satprem) Rameswaram, December 28, 1958 Sweet Mother, One sentence in your letter prompted much reflection; you write that X's action might 'be useful here, too.' After hesitating, I told Swami of the magic attack aimed directly against you. If you wish, two things can be done to help your action: either X can undertake certain mantric operations upon you here in Rameswaram, or better still, he can immediately come to Pondicherry with Swami and do what is needed in front of you. Sweet Mother, I indeed suspect that you want to endure, to bear this struggle all alone. Oh, I think I understand a number of things about the mechanism
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M o t h e r's   A g e n d a   May_1959 May 1959 (Letter to Mother from Satprem) Pondicherry, May 1959 Sweet Mother, I read your letter to X.' He immediately said, 'I shall explain tomorrow.' Then he added this: 'Usually, before going to Mother I concentrate on the Divinity on which we are going to meditate, or by which we are going to get help. Thus, some Divinity (goddess) comes and with it the ceremony and ritual and colors. I shall explain more tomorrow.' As I am wary of his 'tomorrows,' I insisted, especially in regard to the luminous globe 2 and I asked if it were the same thing as the Shakti of the other experiences. He said it was not, that it was different, and he repeated 'more tomorrow.' T
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December 13, 1957 (Letter to Mother from Satprem) Pondicherry, December 13, 1957 Sweet Mother, this is what is rising from my soul: I feel in me something unemployed, something seeking to express itself in life. I want to be like a knight, your knight, and go off in search of a treasure that I could bring back to you. The world has lost all sense of the wonderful, all beauty of Adventure, this quest known to the knights of the Middle Ages. It is this that calls so relentlessly within me, this need for a quest in the world and for a beautiful Adventure which at the same time would be an adventure of the soul. How I wish that the two things, inner and outer, be JOINED, that the j
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November 15, 1960 I don't know if it's due to Z's visit' or simply if the time had come and things converged (because that's what generally happens), but a whole period of the past is coming up again - and it's not a purely personal past, for it includes all the acquaintances I used to have, a whole collection of things that represents not only my individual life but something rather collective (as it always is; each of us is always a collectivity but we aren't aware of it, and if anything were taken away, it would unbalance the whole). A whole set of things that were absolutely wiped clean from the memory (it must have been buried somewhere in the subconscient or the semi-consci
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Undated May (?) 1960 (Letter to Mother from Satprem) Pondicherry Mother, You sent me this flower, 'Vital Collaboration.' I am taking this opportunity to tell you something which has been weighing on my heart for years and which, naturally, comes back up whenever things go badly. I have been here seven years and I can't count a single concrete experience, not a single vision (the only things that have ever happened were in Ceylon or Rameswaram). I haven't even managed to have a few slightly conscious nights. Page 377 Isn't this reason enough to be discouraged? In any case, these questions are stirring in me - and the vital is not happy [nor the mental, nor the phy
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July 25, 1958 O mon doux Maître, Seigneur Dieu de Bonté et de Miséricorde. Ce que tu veux qu'on sache, on le saura, ce que tu veux qu'on Page 337 fasse, on le fera, ce que tu veux qu'on soit, on le sera - à jamais. Om - namo - bhagavateh Car c'est Toi qui es, qui vis, et qui sais - c'est Toi qui fais toute chose et qui es le résultat de toute action. (translation) O my sweet Master, Lord God of Kindness and Mercy. What you want us to know, we shall know, what you want us to do, we shall do, what you want us to be, we shall be - forever. Om - namo - bhagavateh For it is You who is, who lives and who knows - it is You who does all things, You who is the r