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Since the beginning of the earth, wherever and whenever there was the possibility of manifesting a ray of the Consciousness, I was there. That which is speaking to you now, is a faithful servant of the Divine. From all time, since the beginning of the earth, as a faithful servant of the Divine, it has spoken in the name of its Master. And as long as earth and men exist, it will be there in a body to preach the divine word. So, wherever I am asked to speak, I do my best, as a servant of the Divine. But to speak in the name of a particular doctrine or of a man, however great he may be, that I cannot do! The Eternal Transcendent forbids me. 1912
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On Dreams At first sight one might think that the subject of dreams is an altogether secondary one; this activity generally seems to have very little importance compared to the activity of our waking state. However, if we examine the question a little more closely, we shall see that this is not at all the case. To begin with, we should remember that more than one third of our existence is spent in sleeping and that, consequently, the time devoted to physical sleep well deserves our attention. I say physical sleep, for it would be wrong to think that our whole being sleeps when our bodies are asleep. A stud
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RELIGION God gives Himself to His whole creation; no one religion holds the monopoly of His Grace. Instead of excluding each other, religions ought to complete each other. The spiritual spirit is not contrary to a religious feeling of adoration, devotion and consecration. But what is wrong in the religions is the fixity of the mind clinging to one formula as an exclusive truth. One must always remember that formulas are only a mental expression of the truth and that this truth can always be expressed in many other ways. 6 December 1964 page 30 , Words of The Mother , volume 15 , CWMCE
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Have you heard the story of the flying saucer? Ah, yes! I have studied it also. However, I am waiting to have a physical experience. I indeed saw a flying saucer pass over Pondicherry during the war, I saw it clearly, with open eyes, and going fairly slowly, coming from the sea to the land. It was light blue and had a slightly rounded shape like this. I saw it passing by and said to myself, “Why, I have a vision!” I rubbed my eyes but my eyes were open, completely open… Suddenly I saw a form passing in the sky like this; I told myself, “How strange it is!” but as no one had spoken about it till then, I thought that I had a vision. I see many things which peo
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India (On 2 June 1947 Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Viceroy of India, delivered a radio speech proposing the partition of Pakistan from India, and of certain other parts of India into Hindu and Muslim states. After hearing the broadcast, Mother issued the following statement.) A proposal has been made for the solution of our difficulties in organising Indian independence and it is being accepted with whatever bitterness of regret and searchings of the heart by Indian leaders. But do you know why this proposal has been made to us? It is to prove to us the absurdity of our quarrels. And do you know why we have to acce
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Cheerfulness One afternoon, in a large town in a rainy country, I saw seven or eight vehicles full of children. That morning, they had been taken into the country to play in the fields, but the bad weather had made them return home early in the rain. And yet they were singing, laughing and waving merrily to the passers-by. They had kept their cheerfulness in this gloomy weather. If one of them had felt sad, the songs of the others would have cheered him. And for the people hurrying by, who heard the children's laughter, it seemed that the sky had brightened for a moment. Amir was a prince of Khorasan, an
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The Simple Life Saint Francis was an apostle of the Good Life. He did not teach in order to earn money. His life was simple and his greatest joy was to instruct the people by his example and his preaching. And he was content with whatever food he was given. One day, as he and his companion, Brother Masseo, were passing through a town, Masseo went down one street while Francis took another. Masseo was tall and handsome, whereas the saint was short and plain-looking. People gave generously to Masseo, but Francis collected only very little. When they met outside the gates of the town, they sat by a large stone on the bank of a cl
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Sweet Mother, How should the news of death be received, especially when it is someone close to us? Say to the Supreme Lord: “Let Thy Will be done”, and remain as peaceful as possible. If the departed one is a person one loves, one should concentrate one's love on him in peace and calm, for that is what can most help the one who has departed. Blessings. 16 January 1970 page 416, Some Answers from the Mother - vol -16 Home Your father died because it was his time to die. Circumstances can be an occasion but surely not a cause. The cause is in the Divine’s will and nothing can alter it. So, grieve not and surrender your sorrow at the feet
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The Subconscient (Mother told a sadhak that his hatred of someone was due to a strong attraction for the person. When asked to explain, she wrote:) I was referring to some evidently subconscient movement − but you need not worry about it nor fix your attention upon it − one day the understanding will come spontaneously. These are the explanations, the excuses the mind always finds in such cases; but these mental explanations follow or at the most accompany the movements to be explained, they never precede them. What starts the movement is an obscure impulse, instinctive, almost mechanical and unco
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The Guru In an age like ours success alone counts and the material satisfactions it brings. However, an ever-increasing number of dissatisfied people are seeking to know the reason of life. And, on the other hand, there are sages who know and strive to help suffering humanity and to spread the light of knowledge. When the two meet, he who knows and he who wants to know, there springs up a new hope in the world, and a little light penetrates the prevailing darkness. The western mind always finds it difficult to submit totally to a Guru and without total and unquestioning surrender to the Guru his help to you is paralysed. That is why general