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1962         .. . For you there is only one way, and the depth of your heart is aware of it also. It is right when it feels that you will get what you want — and you are right to wait — because to know how to wait is also a Tapasya because at the end there will be a miracle.         For believe it or not, all life is a constant miracle.         January 9         You are mistaken when you think that I did not value the picture you gave me with your love — on the contrary it touched me — it is the kind of thing I value much more than a beautiful present made with a cold or interested thought.         February 22         Love is a too sacred thing to p
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1960         Money and a jewel can be replaced, the Divine's love is unreplaceable.         March 31         Death is not the solution, far from it, Death is a clumsy and mechanical return to the endless round of existences, and what you have not achieved in one life, you have to do in the second, generally in much more difficult circumstances.         There is only one way of getting free from life altogether, it is to go to Nirvana; and this can be obtained only by a very strict tapasya of complete detachment.         There is also another and more simple way of getting out of trouble, it is to take refuge in the Divine's love.         December 21
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        WHITE ROSES   Enlarged Edition         WHITE ROSES   Enlarged Edition First Edition .... : 1963 Second Enlarged Edition : 1964           © Sri Aurobindo Ashram Published by Huta, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry Printed at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, Pondicherry Printed in India—1964       These are extracts from letters which I received from the Mother. She has graciously permitted me to publish them.                                                                — Huta  
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1963        It is true that money is a force and a means, but it must never be allowed to become a ruler and a tyrant.         January 1         Do not indulge in your moodiness, it makes it much worse.         Do you think, you really think you are the only one upon earth to feel the falsehood and to suffer by it ? And to run away from it like a coward, do you think it will cure it?         You would be wise to leave all that to those who have the knowledge to cure the falsehood and to lead the world to the Truth — and for yourself—learn to be quiet, and to endure, because it is the shortest way to get out of trouble.         Then you will feel that t
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1955         If you call or aspire with fear that you will not be heard and with doubts about the Divine's answer then the adverse forces that are always on the watch, slip into your consciousness through the fear and the doubts and do their mischief. So, you must call with a true and sincere faith.         June 1         One thing you must know and never forget — it is: all that is true and sincere will always be kept —• Only what is false and insincere will disappear.         October 5         We must and we will conquer, even if we have to fight again and again. I am never discouraged and ask you also not to be — because the Divine's final Victory is cer
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1959        Of course, you must follow your inspiration and do full-heartedly the work which you feel you must do. It goes without saying that whatever you choose you must do it steadily and persistently if you want to obtain a result.         February 19         Do not be discouraged because of difficulties — Whenever one wants to achieve something in life, difficulties come — Take them as discipline (Tapasya) to make you strong and you will more easily overcome them.         March 10         I can only say that stability and perseverance are indispensable for success — but in all cases the Divine Grace is there helping those who call with trust and faith.
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1961         From the point of view of spiritual realisation, the time has no concrete reality; all depends on the sincerity and intensity of the aspiration, on the steadiness of the effort. Some can do in a few weeks and even days what takes years for others. Moreover, as the mind and the vital, the chief factors of progress, are not submitted to the same rules of decay as the material body, the age factor loses all its importance when we speak of spiritual and intellectual growth; there is no time limit nor age limit for the mental progress which can go on steadily for hundreds of years.         Secondly, failure is not the sign of incapacity — far from that.         Re
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1956         The Grace is sure to be victorious one day.       January 18         I never impose my will on anybody. It is only when somebody asks me what is my will in order to obey it, that I say clearly what my will is. But afterwards if this same person shows displeasure or discomfort in obeying that will, I never insist upon it or use coercion. I leave each one free to do what one feels best.         January 21         The Divine's love is always with you and that is the only thing that never fails in life.         February 2   Page-5       It is only by aspiration and prayer that ego can be overcome; a constant and sincer
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1958   RESOLUTION         I shall belong to no human master but to the Supreme Lord alone.         January 12   PERFECT SURRENDER AND ADORATION         "My Lord, Thy Will not mine"....         January 14         Hope. . .hope for everyone.         January 15         Beauty, you are my way to the Divine.         January 15   Page-28       Even in the Inconscient, the Divine is there.         January 17         Even when you are unaware, the Grace showers its Light upon you.         January 20         The inexpressible delight of being totally Thine, O my swee