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A CONVERSATION ON 12-04-2002 Q - Dada, you have written in your book that Mother gave you a present. But what does it exactly mean ? Dada - Yes, it was in 1968. I told Mother that I am receiving your present. She was very happy. She made the contact of outer personality with the psychic being inside. And it is permanent. It was permanently achieved. Whatever work one does the contact is always there. In the beginning the Mother told me that whenever it will appear that the contact has gone behind the veil, sit back in your chair and call me "Ma, Ma, Ma" and it will come back. Actually it was like this. Q - What is the effect of this contact or what does one feel when o
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On Old Age and Death Question : Are old age and death in human life inevitable? Will they continue forever? Answer: How can I say that? Then the ideal of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and Their sadhana will remain incomplete! What man has eternally dreamt, yearned for, thought of, has to one day become true. This has been true from age to age. As death has existed for ever so has the desire in human mind and heart to overcome and conquer it and gain immortality. This inner yearning in man, this dream itself is proof that one day man will conquer old age and death. Sri Aurobindo and Mother's Sadhana will one day bring its realisation. On this subject, I wrote an articl
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Physical Transformation Steps Towards Trans formation 1.Consciousness 2.Control 3.Mastery 4.Transformation Steps Towards Physical Immortality 1.Prolongation of youth and maintenance of health and physical fitness of the body for a very long period- to stop or slow down the process of deterioration. 2.Ichha Mrityu - death only when wished - Example of Bhisma in the Mahabharata - He must have reached the first step also. 3.Physical Immortality The Process 1.The psychic contact - this is the very first step. 2.Putting the whole being under the psychic guidance. 3.The vital and the mind must not rule over the bod
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What is God and Why ? God is a conscious Being, who is present everywhere, who is all-powerful, who is all-knowledge and who is all-perfect. He cannot be recognised by the mind, understood by the intellect, known by the reason; He has to be felt in the heart. God expresses Himself through whatever is true, whatever is beautiful and whatever is good. He wants to express Himself through many. That is why He has created trees and plants, pests and insects, birds and beasts, animals and men, and this whole universe. Through the evolutionary process, He is taking everything towards His perfection, so that, ultimately, everything becomes Himself. In this whole univ
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Some Observations and Conclusions (1) The Solution Man's aim is to move towards an integral perfection. Life is the field of action given to us for developing that integral perfection. And the path is the total surrender of our life and action. Sri Aurobindo's sadhana does not exclude the world. It is the integral transformation of the world by bringing down from the heights the Divine Consciousness. This is not possible solely by human endeavour. The human aspiration from below and the response from above: it is only in the union of these two that this work can be done. Man with his mind can determine his conduct in the practical,