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Organisation On Spiritual Basis To organise on a spiritual basis you must be in constant contact with the Spiritual Consciousness. Do not forget that the quality of work one does depends on the quality of consciousness one lives. Generally people live in a very ordinary consciousness: the consciousness of mind, life and body. Naturally all their activities express the state of consciousness in which they live. All the problems they confront come from this state, from the atmosphere inside. So the solution is always within, never outside. There is the soul, the psychic, the Mother's Presence deep within everyone. One should create a habit of going inside
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A True Leader A true leader is one who : 1.Has the confidence of his people. 2.Has a loving and compassionate heart, and is ready to help. 3.Has a high ideal and a strong faith and has the capacity to carry with him all those who depend on him. 4.Is easily approachable and has an amiable disposition. 5.Looks after the material and spiritual needs of his dependants. 6.Can infuse confidence, enthusiasm, hope and will to progress in his comrades. 7.Has a wisdom, far sight and foresight to deal with any situation. 8.Is poised, courageous, determined and enduring in the midst of the toughest battles. 9.Is simple, frank, upright, straightfor
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Supramental Process of Action Formula given by Mother 1.Remain absolutely quiet in all parts of your being. 2.Aspire and call. 3.You will get a response from above. 4.Place your problem before it and wait peacefully. 5.The direction will come from above. 6.Receive it and implement it through your mind, life and body. 7.There should be no likes and dislikes and preferences. 8.Help will come. The right man will come. The resources will come. The material will come and right action will take place. Note: Absolute surrender, no personal reaction, no personal preference and absolute detachment, and have no fear whatsoe
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On Organisation (a) With a powerful organisation and with the energy of the people both good and bad is possible. With a lofty ideal and great leadership, abundant good for man could result. But if that same power went astray then it could also destroy man... (b) When an organisation is set up man tries to serve his selfish interests in so many ways and to see how that great force could be used for his personal ends. If we do not hold any high, powerful ideal before us then we too could end up as mere puppets in the hands of that force and dance to its tune. (c) Love and respect are the most effective controlling power. Love each and everyone, respect ea
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What we have learnt from The Mother Mother was always telling us : "I dwell in each one's heart. Try to become conscious of that. I am telling each one of you, in your heart, all that I have to say. Try to listen to that. Become truly yourself. Then all the rest will follow." I do not know how many of us have learnt it. But I believe this is what Mother had actually wanted us to learn. 26.4.93 Pranab
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The Silent Revolution Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's Yoga is a silent Revolution - no preaching, no propagation. A Sadhak in this yoga ascends in his realisation from peak to peak silently like the rising sun. Perhaps he knows or perhaps he even does not know. Again each realisation has many levels and disparities. In a deep sleep as the psychic silently awakes, similarly in our deeper consciousness Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's Yoga Shakti awakes incessantly and works vigilantly, quietly opening one after another the hidden doors of our consciousness. The sadhaka at one time realises that he is not the same man as before. He has become a new man with a new conscio
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The Path of Progress and Liberation If you observe you will see that one after the other, be it in the spiritual field of Sadhana or in the social or national field of administration, man has always sought the path of progress and liberation in all the ways possible. The force of knowledge, the force of philosophy, the force of thought and intellect in man can no doubt help him guide his practical life but they can also, on the contrary, cause imperfection by creating all kinds of problems in an unstable life. And so in trying to do good it succeeds in just the opposite.J" No political ideology, religious discipline, philosophical vision, intellectu
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Spiritual Health What is health? The harmonious function of all the organs of the body is the explanation of a good health. A human personality consists of mind, vital and body with a soul or psychic being behind. Generally, the mind is full of fanciful ideas and incoherent thoughts. The vital has its own impulses. The body is full of inertia and tamasic habits. Our work is to silence the activities of the mind and the vital and open to the Power above for its manifestation. The body must learn to follow the rhythm of the soul. We should create the conditions in our outer personality so that the psychic from the depth of our heart could come forward and influence and
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Essential Qualities The following qualities are essential for good performance in all the different branches of physical activities. 1.Good technique 2.Physical strength 3.Endurance 4.Improvement of those parts of the body that are lagging behind the others in strength, shape and development 5.Physical fitness and health 6.Strong and determined will 7.Constant aspiration for endless progress 8.Balanced and systematic hard work 9.A highest possible ideal 10.Courage to face and vanquish any situation that tries to spoil the ideal 11.Plasticity to adapt to any circumstance when needed and to recognise and correct one's mi
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Our Yoga - The Perpetual Battle I think about this Ashram of ours where so many people have come attracted by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's Yoga-sadhana. Some have become old, some are no more, some have lost their head. Some after staying here for some time have left. Some have got married and settled down to a worldly life. About these we normally say that they have deviated from the path of Yoga, that they are failures. However, I feel this is not the right way of looking at things. This Sadhana is a war. That is why we talk about the battles in Sadhana. Those who are drawn to the path of Sadhana are inevitably attracted by an inner pull of the soul. They