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HOW TO LISTEN I have begun to notice that many among you, perhaps a very large portion, do not listen to what I say. For not unoften you have put questions on a subject on which I talked in detail just a moment before, as if nothing was spoken. The fact is surely this : each one of you is shut up in his own thought, exactly as, I suppose, you do in the class also at school. You repeat to yourself your own lesson, thinking of what is expected of you—provided, of course, you are at all diligent and attentive—and do not listen to what your teacher asks and explains or what the other students answer. You miss in this way three-fourths of the advantage of being not all alone but
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Section Three Three To the Sadhaks of the Ash HEALTH IN THE ASHRAM (I) There are people who come to me and say that they would like to go home, for their health does not permit them to continue here; it gradually gets worse and worse and they ask for my permission. I wonder at their ignorance. Perhaps I should not wonder; human nature is like that. These people do not know or see or feel in the least that they are here in the best of conditions for cure, nowhere else in the world would they get anything like the opportunity or the help that is here. Naturally, if one is to be here and derive the full benefit of his stay, one has to fulfil
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nolini Kanta Gupta/English/The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo Part - 9/Supramental Manifestation and World-Change.htm
THE SUPRAMENTAL MANIFESTATION AND WORLD-CHANGE I have been asked what difference the presence of the Supermind will make, in what way it will change the trend of events and how, since the Supramental manifestation, life has to be reviewed. I am asked to give practical examples. I do not know what this means, but here is what I have seen in a somewhat mathematical mood. Although the mathematical language is quite foreign to me, still I may call it a mathematical mood, that is to say, a mathematical way of looking at the problem. I believe you have done sufficient mathematics to know the complexity of combinations that arises when y
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nolini Kanta Gupta/English/The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo Part - 9/Modern Taste.htm
THE MODERN TASTE From the standpoint of artistic and literary taste and culture, the present world is a thing of extremes. On one side, it is trying hard to discover something very noble, and on the other, it is sinking into a vulgarity which is infinitely greater than the vulgarity, say, of two or three centuries ago. In those times people who were not cultured were crude, but their crudeness resembled the crudeness of animals and had not much perversion in it—there was something certainly, for as soon as the mind appears, perversion also comes in. But in our days, what does not rise to the peak, remains on level earth, is a crudeness of the most perverted kind; that
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nolini Kanta Gupta/English/The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo Part - 9/The Mother on Herself.htm
Section Four The Mother on Herself THE MOTHER ON HERSELF (I) You must be very very persevering. I will tell you a story—my own story. When I began to practise occultism, as I started working with my nights, making them conscious, I found that between the subtle-physical level and the most material vital there was a small region, very small indeed, that was not developed well enough to serve as a conscious link between the two. So what happened in the most material vital was not being accurately translated into the consciousness of the most subtle physical. Something was lost in the passage which was however not quite empty but only half
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HOW CAN TIME BE A FRIEND? It depends on the way you look at it. It depends on the relation you have with it. If you take it as a friend, it becomes a friend, if you consider it as an enemy, it becomes an enemy. But, perhaps, what you wanted to ask is how to feel when it is an enemy and when it is a friend. Well, when you are impatient and say, "Oh, I cannot get to the end of the thing, oh, when shall I finish it ?" and when you are not able to do the thing immediately and get desperate, then time is your enemy. But when you say, "Well and good, I have not done this time, I shall do it next time, and I am sure, one day or another, I shall do it", the
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nolini Kanta Gupta/English/The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo Part - 9/Divine Grace - 2.htm
THE DIVINE GRACE (2) There is a time when one becomes conscious enough to see that things in themselves are neither good nor bad. What they are and what their effects are upon us depends entirely upon the attitude that we have towards them. The same thing, the same circumstance, identically the same, if taken as a gift from God, as a Divine Grace, as the effect of a total harmony, helps us to become more conscious, more strong and more true. On the other hand, taken as a blow given by Fate, as a bad force that seeks to hurt us it will serve only to diminish us, make us dull and heavy; it will take away our consciousness, our force and the harmony. I wish yo
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nolini Kanta Gupta/English/The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo Part - 9/How to Become Indifferent to Criticism.htm
HOW TO BECOME INDIFFERENT TO CRITICISM ? In one's own consciousness one must look at things from a wider, more general standpoint. If at any moment something holds you, holds you tight and you have to face it, if you are compelled to wrestle with a formidable obstacle and at that time you begin to feel that before this moment thousands and thousands of years passed and after the moment yet more thousands and thousands of years will pass, you immediately see the inconsequence of this little point of time; you need not enter into a high spiritual condition, you have simply to contact Time and Space, with all that is before and all that is after
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THE YOGA OF SRI AUROBINDO THE YOGA OF SRI AUROBINDO Part Nine NOLINI KANTA GUPTA sri aurobindo ashram pondicherry Publishers: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry All Rights Reserved First Edition ... July, 1958 Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press Pondicherry printed in India
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ON TEACHERS AND TEACHING Mastery means to know how to deal with certain vibrations. If you have the knowledge and can deal with the vibrations, you have the mastery. The best field for such an experience and experiment is yourself. First, you must have mastery over yourself and when you have it, you can transmit its vibrations to others in so far as you are capable of identifying yourself with them. But if you cannot deal with the vibrations in yourself, how can you deal with them in others ? You can, by word or by influence, encourage people so that they do what is necessary to master themselves, but you cannot yourself have direct mastery over them. To ma