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-005_Sri Aurobindo^s Gita.htm IV SRI AUROBINDO'S GITA THE supreme secret of the Gita, rahasyam uttamam, has presented itself to diverse minds in diverse forms. All these however fall, roughly speaking, into two broad groups of which one may be termed the orthodox school and the other the modern school. The orthodox school as represented, for example, by Shankara or Sridhara, viewed the Gita in the light of the spiritual discipline more or less current in those ages, when the purpose of life was held out to be emancipation from life, whether through desireless work or knowledge or devotion or even a combination of the three. The Modern School, on the other hand, represented by Bankim in Be
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I A YOGA OF THE ART OF LIFE (1) WHEN Sri Aurobindo said, "Our Yoga is not for ourselves but for humanity," many heaved a sigh of relief and thought that the great soul was after all not entirely lost to the world, his was hot one more name added to the long list of Sannyasins that India has been producing age after age without much profit either to herself or to the human society (or even perhaps to their own selves). People understood his Yoga to be a modern one, dedicated to the service of humanity. If service to humanity was not the very sum and substance of his spirituality, it was, at least, the fruitful end and consummation. His Yoga was
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-004_Sri Aurobindo and His ^School^.htm III SRI AUROBINDO AND HIS ' SCHOOL' ACONSIDERABLE amount of vague misunderstanding and misapprehension seems to exist in the minds of a certain section of our people as to what Sri Aurobindo is doing in his retirement at Pondicherry. On the other hand, a very precise exposition, an exact formula of what he is not doing has been curiously furnished by a well-known patriot in his indictment of what he chooses to call the "Pondicherry School" of contemplation. But he has arrived at this formula by "openly and fearlessly" affirming what does not exist; for the things that Sri Aurobindo is accused of doing are just the things that he is not doing. In the
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THE YOGA OF SRI AUROBINDO THE YOGA OF SRI AUROBINDO Part One NOLINI KANTA GUPTA SRI AUROBINDO LIBRARY MADRAS Publishers : Sri Aurobindo Library, 369 Esplanade, George Town, Madras All Rights Reserved First Edition ... 1939 Second Edition ... 1944 Third Edition ... 1950 Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press Pondicherry Printed in India
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-003_Nature^s Own Yoga.htm II NATURE'S OWN YOGA (1) Sri Aurobindo's Yoga is in the direct line of Nature's own Yoga. Nature has a Yoga' which she follows unfailingly and inevitably—for it is her innermost law of being. Yoga means, in essence, a change or transformation of consciousness, a heightening and broadening of consciousness which is effected by communion or union or identification with a higher and vaster consciousness. This process of a developing consciousness in Nature is precisely what is known as Evolution. It is the bringing out and fixing of a higher and higher principle of consciousness, hitherto involved and concealed behind the veil, in the earth cons