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-04_Editor^s Note.htm Editor 's Note All of the words of God and Jesus that are used in this essay are printed in italics. Furthermore, those sayings which have become famous and are used as proverbs are underlined. Certain words and expressions which deserve the reader's special attention, are explained either in the text or in the Notes. There are many versions in English of the Bible. The one chosen for this essay employs modern English rather than older versions which use archaic spellings and grammar. The Bible is the only source of the events as well as words of both Jesus and Moses. Modern scholarship and archaeological research are making attempts to clarify as many points as p
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Acknowledgements This monograph is part of a series on Value-oriented Education centered on three values: Illumination, Heroism and Harmony. The research, preparation and publication of the monographs that form part of this series are the result of the cooperation of the following members of the research team of the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research, Auroville: Abha, Alain, Anne, Ashatit, Auralee, Bhavana, Christine, Claude, Deepti, Don, Frederick, Ganga, Jay Singh, Jean-Yves, Jossy, Jyoti Madhok, Kireet Joshi, Krishna, Lala, Lola, Mala, Martin, Mirajyoti, Namrita, Olivier, Pala, Pierre, Serge, Shailaja, Shankaran, Sharanam, So
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MOSES COMING DOWN FROM SINAI,by Gustave Dore Appendix The Revelation to Moses The message of Jesus which furthered the evolution of humanity was based on the previous evolutionary developments found in the history of the Jewish people. Almost all that Jesus taught can be found in the demand God made on the Jewish people to interact ethically, to interact with concern for the other. These Laws are to be found in the Torah given to the Jewish people through Moses after they escaped from the bondage in Egypt. This series of events is essential to understand if the reader is to understand Jesus. Therefore, this essay will also introduce M
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Notes — The Annunciation (See also the Holy Spirit) According to the Gospel of Luke, 1:26 ff, the archangel Gabriel was sent to Nazareth in Galilee, to the Virgin Mary, and announced to her that she had found favour with God and would bear a son, Jesus. She asked how that would be, since she was pledged to be married to Joseph, she was pledged to remain a virgin until then. The angel replied that she would conceive through the Holy Spirit. Mary consented, saying, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord; let it happen unto me according to your word." (Luke 1:38) — Baptism (See also Original Sin) It is the rite of admission into the Christian church of all sects. In the Gosp
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THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT, by Gustave Dové The Crucifixion Introduction II. —Jesus and the Theme of Love In his famous speech at St. Helena, Napoleon exclaimed: "I know men, and I tell you that Jesus Christ is not a man. Superficial minds see a resemblance between Christ, and the founders of empires and the gods of other religions. That resemblance does not exist. There is between Christianity and any other religion the distance of infinity . . . Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and myself founded empires. But upon what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ alone founded his empire
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THE CRUCIFIXION, by Matthias Grunewald (c. 1475-1528) The Crucifixion or The Passion of Jesus A Brief Background How did Jesus die? He was crucified. Crucifixion was the method of execution used for outlaws by the Romans at the time of the New Testament. It was not only humiliating, but crucifixion was a particularly cruel death as the Gospels will describe below. Briefly, the victim to be executed was tied to or nailed to a wooden cross. Jesus was nailed. The cross was raised straight up, and the condemned man was left hanging to die in the hot sun. That is, the excruciating torture before dying was the Roman'
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Illumination, Heroism and Harmony Preface The task of preparing teaching-learning material for value oriented education is enormous. There is, first, the idea that value-oriented education should be exploratory rather than prescriptive, and that the teaching learning material should provide to the learners a growing experience of exploration. Secondly, it is rightly contended that the proper inspiration' to turn to value-orientation is provided by biographies, auto biographical accounts, personal anecdotes, epistles, short poems, stories of humour, stories of human interest, brief pas sages filled with pregnant meanings, reflective short essays written
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THE NATIVITY, by Gustave Doré(1832 - 1883) The Crucifixion Introduction I. — The Life of Jesus The Crucifixion of Jesus followed by his Resurrection three days later, is the foundation upon which Christian ity exists. For this reason, the present essay focuses on the Crucifixion. But perhaps it would be useful to also have a short telling of the entire life of Jesus. All of the events of his life are to be found only in the New Testament. There is no other record. The Annunciation, Nativity and Youth The birth of Jesus is the story of a miracle and that miracle is called Christmas. The telling of the Chri