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(ii) Dialogue of Śrī Rāma and Bharata in the Forest Canto XCVI Having shown on that occasion the hilly stream (Mandakinī) to Sītā (the Princess of Mithila), Śrī Rāma sat down on a single flat rock humouring Sītā with a description of the pulp of fruits fit for the consumption of austere sages (as follows): — (1) "This (fruit) is fit for being offered as an oblation into the sacred fire, this is luscious and this (bulb) has been roasted well in fire." In this way the celebrated Śrī Rāma (a scion of Raghu), whose mind was devoted to righteousness, spent his time with Sītā. (2) While he remained sitting there, the dust raised by th
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Kireet Joshi/English/Sri Rama/Story of Ramayana in a Nutshell.htm
Story of Ramayana in a Nutshell Canto I (Balakanda) The sage Vālmīki put the following question direct to Narada, the heavenly sage, the foremost of those skilled in expression, who remains (ever) engaged in askesis and the study of the self (the study of the Vedas): — (1) "Who can possibly be full of virtues in this world at present? Who is possessed of prowess and knows what is right? Who is conscious of services done, truthful of speech and firm of resolve? (2) Who is possessed of right conduct and who is friendly to all living beings? Who is a man of knowledge? Nay, who is powerful and who has a singularly lovable appearanc