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1936 January 2,1936 Very remarkably smooth and strong and flowing—your metre. Enjambments are supposed to break the lyric flow and wholeness of the stanza structure, but they do not do so here, only carry over the stream into its next curve. The letter progresses but like a crab : I had to recast the first part last night and tonight there was too much correspondence, etc. to do. However Part I cannot fail to be soon finished, for it is all there in my head or, to speak with a greater physical accuracy, formed above it. Nirvana by the way is not Nirvanic, it is only mute and withdrawn till it is overtaken by Harmony. It can't go out by i
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Dilip Kumar Roy/English/Sri Aurobindo to Dilip - Volume III/Editorial.htm
Editorial 1936-1937 - In many ways these two years were very significant. For Sri Aurobindo. I have not counted but I think that he wrote a maximum number of letters in 1936 : Terrible night the last! (...attacked... by the demon of correspondence.} Night after night have to write letters, letters, letters, not to speak of other things. Such as preparing something for the Arya Publishing House otherwise the house will collapse, as they have been long without a fresh book. Apart from writing explanations of the poems sent up by some of the disciples. And what about his own work: The descent of the Supermind ? To a query from a disciple, Sri Aurobindo answered: Tail i
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Dilip Kumar Roy/English/Sri Aurobindo to Dilip - Volume III/precontent.htm
Sri Aurobindo to Dilip volume 3 1936-1937 Edited by Sujata Nahar and Shankar Bandyopadhyay Home
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Dilip Kumar Roy/English/Sri Aurobindo to Dilip - Volume III/A Few Words.htm
A Few Words On 9th April and 4th May 2007, within a gap of one month, Revered Satprem, the heart and soul of "Mira Aditi", and his spiritual companion. Respected Sujata Nahar, left their mortal bodies. Their sudden withdrawal from the physical world came as a shock to all of us who were close to them and were associated in their endeavours. We remember the assurance given by Lord Krishna in the Gita (2-23): Nainang Chindanti Shastrani Nainang dahati pavakah Na chainang kledayantapo Na Shoshoyati marutah Weapons can never cleave nor fire burn Neither water drench nor wind desiccates the soul. (Translation DKR) Hence they are
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Dilip Kumar Roy/English/Sri Aurobindo to Dilip - Volume III/Notes.htm
Notes pardaaashin, living behind the purdah. 2. The four sonnets are: Arpan Bahan Arpan - Vairagya Arpan - Nithari Arpan - Aarhal E. (Eli) Stanley Jones (1884-1973): A 20th Century Methodist Christian missionary and theologian, remembered for his interreligious lectures in India. Subash Chandra Bose (23.1.1897). Dilipda's intimate from their college days; a great patriot, highly intelligent; great organizational skill; politician of no mean repute; founder of the political party "Forward Block"; during WWII he formed the Indian National Army (INA) outside India. Popularly known as 'Netaji'. See Hark His Flute,
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Dilip Kumar Roy/English/Sri Aurobindo to Dilip - Volume III/Correspondence 1937.htm
1937 January 3,1937 Having led a faultless, nay, immaculate life for long I have had a fall of frivolity today. I was going to the pier this morning to write there another diaphanous poem when I sat down to scribble a few lines to Professor Sarcar and Professoress as they have just sent a tin of mustard oil and some muri [puffed rice], when lo, dushta [mischievous] sarasvatī tripped onto my pen and this Shuk- Sārī Sangbad77 of unpardonable unyogic levity was the horrific result. You know the rural style of Shuk-Sārī Sangbad, eh ? My father wrote a la Shuk Sārī Sangbad a rollickingly undevout Krishna-Radha Sangbad (Shuk says something in praise of his Kri