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FOREWORD To begin with, I would like to relate two interviews with the Mother and what I heard from her when I first came here on 22nd November 1928 — sixty years ago. In those days, after 9 o'clock in the morning one could go to the Mother if one had something to ask her. Of course a previous permission or appointment was the general rule, but in case there happened to be an urgent necessity the Mother would always allow the person to come to her. There was no rigidity about the rule. The divine compassion and consideration were always there. One day I went to the Mother in a very upset state because of an unpleasant matter which had hurt me very much. As soon as I en
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-04_The Mother^s Letters.htm THE MOTHER'S LETTERS (To me, they are more a history of my life here; how the Mother moulded me with love, care and consideration under her guidance — how she taught me to follow her instruction at each step, in each case — how to be constantly aware and conscious of each movement, each incident —the inspiration to go Within and grow inwardly— to be close to the Divine. In her teaching I found the hidden light of the spirit of self-surrender for the awakening of the soul. — Sahana) 27.7.32 I asked the Mother — "What about my practising 'Mira Divinite' with Lalita tomorrow?" (The Mother's reply:) No, it is better to rest. For these days you
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-03_Sri Aurobindo^s Letters.htm SRI AUROBINDO'S LETTERS 8.10.31 There are only two passages in your letter which call for a change. In one place you speak of those who do not leave all and come here as being inferior in surrender. It is better not to write this, especially as it might appear to be a suggestion or a pressure on her - and she must be left absolutely free to follow her own way. In another place at the end of the letter, your practically tell her that she should not have called in a doctor except for diagnosis. This also should not be written. That may be a personal rule that some may follow who have an absolute faith in these matters; but it should n
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