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TENSION Tension, tension and tension … everywhere tension, everybody has tension. This is the age of tension. Tension in every sphere of life. The intensity of tension has increased, and is increasing all the while, because of global warming, due to environmental disaster, caused by the mindless activities of mankind. Tension makes individuals vulnerable to all sorts of adverse effects and diseases. To counter the intensities of the tensions everyday, in every sphere of life, we have to develop the essential immunity in our body’s system. There is no doubt that the present days food habits of mankind is poor in fresh natural contents. First, our body has to be healthy, so t
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CONFUSED,……PERPLEXED…….? Are we really confused? Why, what are the causes of our confusion? The SARS, or the intensity of the heat waves? We the great humanity is confused & perplexed at the sudden happening and appearance of things, which is making life uncomfortable and miserable. But we, the same humanity are not confused in our own activities. We, the humanity is not confused when we deforest the land, denude the hills and hillocks, even completely uproot the hills, use the rocks to built houses and offices which, in fact, couldn’t protect us at all. We, humanity are so civilized that we do not understand the spirit of the Earth. Why is there a valley, why is
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PURITY OF THE SENSES The first and last thing essential in the process of attainment of everlasting youth is the purity of our senses. Senses are the essence of every living being. Every “body” houses senses for all it’s actions and feelings. Every action, every movement has it’s sense. Mainly, the PURITY IN THOUGHT & PURITY IN ACTION includes, ,, Sense of feeling ,, Sense of perception ,, Sense of touching ,, Sense of testing ,, Sense of smelling ,, Sense of drinking ,, Sense of moving ,, Sense of silence ,, Sense of outbursts ,, Sense of looking ,, Sense of behaving ,, Sense of having ,, Sense of not-having ,, Sense of
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INTRODUCTION The most significant uniqueness in human nature is that it is the only species which is very wise while simultaneously very ignorant and it is the only rational being in this Universe. Humanity is in real trouble in its evolution with all its artificial short time gain euphoria. We, humanity, believe we know all our survival factors in this Universe and at the same time believe only in the selfish, comfortable and greedy survival of ourselves . We have exploited for ages natural resources and now have reached a point of no return… any new terminal disease could be really fatal for us. From time immemorial, the basic interest in human health has remained the same; t
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THE LAND OF OUR BIRTH The land of our birth, the soil of India, the climates of India and its vast forests have everything in their store for us. To feed us, to cloth us, to keep us healthy, to keep us young, - even to keep us young forever. To keep us immune to the diseases and to keep us ready for every eventuality concerning our physical and mental health. It is not for nothing that the Divine Mother and the Master have selected this land for the descent and manifestation of the Supramental upon earth. No forces can be greater then the forces of nature (Prakriti), that is, the forces of the Divine Mother. And no gift is more lasting and valuable, then the gi
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INADVERTENT IGNORANCE… … Life is a voyage of many advertent and inadvertent discoveries… or may be a discovery of many advertent and inadvertent voyages…. this perception in the life’s eternal journey of the Mankind differs from individual to individual. But what are yet to be discovered is what is life, what is voyage and what is discovery. How to know what is life, without having respect and care for all the life forms around us, in this Universe? We are living in an era of “inadvertent ignorance” phenomenon. We get educated, learning all, including how to respect all life forms and even nonliving things… but all of them remain mostly stagnant in our subconsciousness.
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SUFFEREING …… The experience …..to endure the pain….patient endurance….. To bear the loss or damage and pain of physical and mental with perfect equanimity, to submit oneself to the arduous process of endurance. Suffering is as important as Happiness. The pain must be intense; the suffering very complete, there should be no room for anything else, and in the absoluteness of pain and suffering is the real PEACE. Suffering is a state of consciousness of experiences a very automatic one, which is the natural happening in the cycling of body’s evolution related metabolism. SUFFERING IS BLISS…yes, but for only those, who have perfect equilibrium. But a state of hopelessnes
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BEAUTY Beauty. What is beauty? Why, beauty is a must, for everybody and everything. Because, beauty elucidates the qualities of living beings and things, but the aspects of beauty need to be preserved and conserved, without any discrimination. Beauty cannot be preserved and conserved selectively. It has to be preserved in all life forms matter, plant world and the animal kingdom, in all dimensions. It is very important for us, the Homo-sapiens, to remember always that if we wish to be really beautiful, then we must also take care, keep our communications living and keep the surrounding world beautiful. To consider or project oneself as beauty, one has to keep the differ
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WHO BELONGS TO WHOM? And who does not… What are the principles of this belonging? How are these senses, these feelings of belonging expressed and conveyed between each belonging. Can belonging always expressive physically itself? Why should there be any belonging? Or is it vital that one should belong to each other for the very survival of all and how should we perceive this belonging? We fellow human beings belong to each other, we can not do without each other not only with the fellow human beings, but with all that this universe holds in its lap. And if it is analysed with the true feeling, it becomes clear that everybody and everything belong
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COMMUNION Communion with whom….what….how….when….why….? Humanity knows everything, again knows nothing. It has primitive and modern civilizations all the knowledge, and again is ignorant of all. All the knowledge, perfectly documented from palm leaves, bamboo stalk spreads and bhoj patras to transformed modern paper books, to read, write, learn, write exams, pass them forget them all… advertently? Or inadvertently…? How can this happen? Why is humanity so wise and again, simultaneously so ignorant? What deficiencies are there, inside and surrounding humanity? What causes this distortion? It is not known how many will accept it,…..but is it not lack of communion / rappo