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LEARN TO LOVE FROM NATURE Love is neither a hunger nor a thirst. Love is one’s awareness to the presence of elements around one’s own-self. Love is the other name of the awareness of Nature. When one becomes aware of the subtle substances of creations, when one feels like having communion with it, this process is the process of love, the process of awareness. The upsurging of the different emotions in the process of communion with nature is the process of love and awareness. One cannot fall in love, be it with the fellow species or others or things without being aware of the subtle substances present. Love or awareness whatever may be the definition, has to mani
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/TRANSITION.htm
TRANSITION Transition: the word transition has a broad-spectrum realization. In our lifetime we constantly go through the process of transition. So also the whole Universe. Not only living-beings (what we identify as living), but also the inert world (what we identify as inert), rock, soil, sand etc. Without the process of transition, creation will have no meaning. Transition is the main cause of constant new growth (both ways). We humans will have to understand the true meaning of transition and should develop the aspiration to accept the transitional bittersweet kick-ups in us. Every step of transition is like an overhauling of machines, even if it occurs at each fraction of a
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/SUICIDE.htm
SUICIDE What a novel way of escape from the experiences of life. And really what a unique method of taking revenge on the fellow human being. Death is considered a passage of the soul from one body to another which is also not a permanent one. When we were created along with all other human beings of this Universe, were we given any assurance by the creator that others will be there to please us always? In frustration individuals should get more determined to succed to survive, which is the main purpose of frustration. There are no circumstances, no situations or no surroundings upon this Universe where there are no frustrations, due to unsuccessfulness in the different schemes
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/precontent.htm
A force in her that toiled since earth was made, Accomplishing in life the great world-plan, Volume: 33-34 [CWSA] (Savitri -- A Legend and a Symbol), Page: 19
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EVERLASTING YOUTH To remain young forever. Having a disease-free healthy body - healthy physically and mentally is the need of the hour. In this age of environmental pollution, people are getting old before the arrival of their due age. The digestive system in a body which supplies the necessary substances for the maintenance of the body, after processing the input & consumed food materials, are blended with chemical fertilizers, insecticides & pesticides. It is not possible for the mostly chemically grown and protected food materials alone to keep humanity healthy. The use of widely grown weeds & natural plants are vitally essential in the maintenance and youthf
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/Accumulation.htm
ACCUMULATION An unhealthy trend today, in human society is a very disturbing psychological deficiency in humankind. Accumulation is a very one-sided mental under-development in human beings, which deprives the fellow species of living-survival mechanisms. Accumulation much more than the actual luxurious living quantity, is nothing but a sense of stagnation generated out of the hallucination of greed. If we take into account, the substance of the spirit of wealth, than wealth is not a rigid thing but an ever-moving Universal spirit, which moves constantly taking care of the whole Universe. But because of humanity’s insufficient way of perception, the wealth or the Universa
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INTOLERANCE Intolerance…………. What were the effects of this aspect in the world and on mankind? A cause for the most of the suffering experienced by humankind today. An axis of evil, which is eroding the understanding/relation between countries, nations, communities and religions not only a component there, but it’s first origin is the inside of every individual human being. We are not yet prepared and courageous enough to analyze ourselves. Every individual’s density of tolerance and intolerance marks the day’s arithmetic of sufferings and happiness for humanity, exactly like the computer ratings of ups and downs of the global stock market, at the end of the day.
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WEEDS! Yes, these are weeds, the most natural ground cover of the earth.. The saviour of the earth’s surface soil. But unfortunately most of the time they are considered a hindrance to the cultivated plant species(mostly hybrid) and are discarded or completely eliminated through extensive uprooting or chemical processes. My relation with the world of weeds is a long story since my childhood days… I have always wondered while wandering the length and breadth of this great country, India, why these tiny plants (compared to the hybrid) were created by the creator of all, if they were to be discarded by humankind, most of the time. In my belief, the right of existence is equal
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/GENERAL DEBILITY.htm
GENERAL DEBILITY… The whole human population is suffering from the symptom of general Debility. One of the most important conditions of living a whole life should be the life of full strength and confidence not a weak and miserable life. While facing the ups and downs of everyday’s living, one should feel spirited and sure, not unsure and depressed. To achieve the above the pinpointing of one’s consciousness is a must, but will that be possible, with all the small-time ailments constantly harboring the body? Now a days, the constant presence of cold related problems, skin diseases, indigestion, worm infestations in the stomach and most of all contaminated water in
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/SOME MEDICAL TERMS.htm
SOME MEDICAL TERMS abortifacient an agent that causes abortion abscess a collection of pus formed as a result of infection by micro organisms agalactia lack of secretion of milk alexiteric prevents infectious diseases amenorrhoea the absence of menstrual periods amentia underdeveloped mind from birth to an early age anemia concentration of haemoglobin in the blood is below normal analgesic reduces the severity of pain anorexia loss of appetite anthelmintic drugs used to eradicate worm infestation