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IMMUNITY This word signifies for us a condition of being able to resist disease through prevention of pathogenic micro-organisms or by counteracting the effects of their products. Of late, most of humankind’s health problems were related to a lack of immunity. A weak body is always vulnerable to all sorts of adverse effects and diseases. Physical immunity is a must for the effective functioning of human beings. Without physical immunity a person can’t behave normally. Why can we, not have immunity naturally? Why is our immunity which is a simultaneous happening in us, dwindle away, halfway? Can we, afford to continue to ignore the core factor of lack of immunity, in o
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/NATURE^S LITTLE DELICACIES OF IMMUNITY.htm
-22_NATURE^S LITTLE DELICACIES OF IMMUNITY.htm NATURE’S LITTLE DELICACIES OF IMMUNITY We, humanity, are suffering from low immunity and are largely dependent on factory made vitamins and minerals to improve our immunity. But not much is happening…..and while we spend much, nature has around us all the ingredients we need in the kingdom of weeds. It is for us, humanity, to just pick them up for regular use and enjoy the benefits. But nobody is interested in preserving and conserving the natural world. So, therefore, I present these twenty-one plants, having realized, through practical uses, its beneficial qualities. On my many trips to the remote village areas and tribal lands of India, I have shar
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/ALERT.htm
ALERT Alertness, How it happens, in the body, in living cell/organisms. Alertness cannot be promised or acquired by effort. Alertness happens simultaneously, spontaneously in the body cells. Alertness is measured by the density of the reactions of the body cells with the enhancement of every current incident. The intensity of the alertness in every individual defines the qualities of the same individual’s performances, which includes the recognition of the inevitability of numerous diverse creations around. The density of the alertness defines the intensity of failure or success, in every individual’s material life and in other spheres of life as well. The more
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/Foreword.htm
Foreword I have perused the entire text running about 115 pages and meticulously drawn 58 plates of line diagrams with colour and I found them profusely informative. The author Shri Rabindranath Das has chosen the weeds as his subject and dealt with it elaborately about the medicinal properties of them. In this modern world where people talk about environment, global warming and the like, do not care about the weeds for the reasons that they are weeds.. The author has immense love for the plants and equal love for the animals is explicitly shown in various places in the text. The weeds in them have many curative properties as discovered and listed by the author in each weed
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/CREATIVE THOUGHT.htm
CREATIVE THOUGHT…. Creative work…. You see! I am doing something creative along side my daily routine work. You must do something creative everyday to ease your mental tension and so on….Why is not every work accepted as creative……? May be it is because most of the daily work schedule were pre-programmed and the individual has only to follow the instructions, without having any much scope for applying the mind’s creative courses. Being creative means, doing some activity which brings out from within the individual all the aspects of breaking and making, paving the way, for always in every instant there is a new something to bring the being nearer to the source of exist
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/INSTINCT.htm
INSTINCT WHAT is lost in the artificial life-style is the NATURAL INSTINCT. What is instinct? It is the most spontaneous feeling of alertness. Alertness to the principles of survival instincts. The common purpose of human existence upon the earth is to live a life of eternal youth. But today, the atmosphere is of unhealthiness and insecurity, why? Let us develop the habit to analyse our moment-to-moment living style. We feel hungry so we eat. We eat for the upkeep of the existing body structure plus for the new cells in the body, for the new growth. Now, as we know, our whole body is made of millions of living vibrating cells. Every individual cell, even if we do not know i
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/INTIMACY WITH UNIVERSAL NATURE.htm
INTIMACY WITH UNIVERSAL NATURE (Friendship with Universal Nature) Real friendship and intimacy with the natural world is the need of the hour, not only for give and take but also for the perfect understanding to survive. When we, the present humankind take so much trouble, make such an effort to generate friendship between ourselves, we could extend the same to the raw natural world around us. Intimacy and friendship are the attributes of such nature, which opens the closed doors of ignorance inside us to the light of the new dawn. The Universe around us, is a world of lightness and happiness. It is there to give us eternal youth and eternal li
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/SLEEPING.htm
SLEEPING Sleeping is the natural period of the for the body. Nothing could replace the benefit of sleeping. The sleeping period is the time for growth of mind and physique. Sleep should be self generated, not artificially activated. Sleep should generate happy dreams and should be conscious sleeping period not a period of unconscious slumber. An alert sleeping duration is most youth preserving. There is a great difference between the active sleep and the inert sleep. In active sleep one can follow the sequence of one’s dream manifestations more consciously than in the inert sleep. What happens during sleep should make oneself happy, comfortable, confident, alert and fearle
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/SARS! WHY.htm
SARS! WHY ? And now the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, why? It will be most illusory for Mankind to believe that this is something suddenly descended from somewhere on humanity. In fact, it is being noticed now because of it’s severity, because the body’s system has become vulnerable enough to host SARS due to lack of immunity. How can someone or something breathe fresh and healthy air when so many vehicles operate on tar-roads everywhere always? Where are the much needed natural green covers in-between the roads, to absorb the green house gases emitted from the vehicles? It may be recalled that Grandmothers and Great- Grandmothers, especially in rural areas
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Rabindra Nath Das/English/Significant World of Insignificant Weeds/THE TIME HAS COME.htm
THE TIME HAS COME The time has come for us (Humanity, Mankind, HomoSapiens) to realize that we can no longer ignore the importance of the existence of all species besides ours, be it animals or plants, for the vital maintenance and healthy existence of our own species. We are now in a way, compelled to take notice of an eternal truth that we may be the most intelligent and powerful among all the other species upon the earth, but our survival depends on our respect and care in the preservation and conservation for the smallest of the small animal and plants. All the species upon this earth have as much right as humans to flourish on this planet. Ignorance of this v