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Materialism and Sense-Perception The scientific account of the complex of agencies involved in sense-perception is worth viewing in its correct bearings on the question whether materialism is a valid doctrine. There is a tendency today in certain scientific quarters to declare: "Matter is only the version which sense-perception gives of an unknown reality. An impact comes upon the sense- organs; the nerve-terminals are stimulated; nerve- currents start moving; they reach the brain-cells and there is sense-perception as of actual objective matter existing. Now, evidently, the perception is an image. What proof have we that this image is tru
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Heisenberg's Principle of Indeterminacy Q: Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty or indeterminacy has it that we can never measure with accuracy both the position and the velocity of an elementary particle. Why is this principle regarded as most revolutionary? Not all scientists regard this principle as effecting a fundamental revolution. All agree that it marks an absolute physical limit to the measurement of two basic quantities together and that, since correct predictions demand the knowledge of both of them at the same time, we can never have anything except a play of probability at the core of our knowledge in microphysics. From these admiss
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New Trends in Biological Theory and Psycho-physiology Some Scientific Approaches Towards Sri Aurobindo's Vision 1 Perhaps the most interesting finger-post in recent science to the presence, in general, of a psychic energy in evolution such as Sri Aurobindo discerns as ascending to homo sapiens and pointing beyond him has been put up by the English biologist. Sir Alister Hardy. The import of Hardy's most impressive book. The Living Stream, based on his first series of Gifford Lectures, is twofold. It lies not only in suggesting at the end more persuasively than ever before a background of psychism to the evolutionary process, which se