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Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Obsession.htm
"Obsession"   Dear, every moment, every moment, it is but you and you; I cannot speak a word lest any hear your name dance through; I cannot lift my eyes lest someone see within your face And call my love a wanton fancy and a cheap disgrace. I have hid my thought and hid my meaning from their shame-squint view, For every time the thought is yours, and every meaning's you; But they will never understand and they will never see How utterly we two are one, how very utterly. And they have so bewitched my mind, have cast so black a spell I cannot even dare to tell them what I needs must tell: If words so mock the truth of lov
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/21st February - Night.htm
Part One   21st February — Night   The far voices of the earth die: And in the vast lone hush of Being, Thou Foldest Thy love around my cry. ...   The worlds dissolve to darkness now, And in the gaps of emptiness we fly. Beyond the farthest star-hill's brow. ...   Aeons- of memoried night unroll Their cycles of chained Karmic griefs and mirths Across the winging of my soul;   Thou bearest me past myriad births, Fire-wheels of deaths and destiny's control, To silent fashionings of new earths. ...   A white day dawns upon the deep, The frozen rocks of Space divide and free The warm gold mystery they
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Renewal.htm
Renewal   The golden roof has split in twain, And all God's waterfalls, All raptures of the singing rain Pour down the temple halls.   The blue-winged corniced angels wake And see the mother-sky, Out of their marble sleep they break, And quietly upward fly.   On roof and pillar, wall and floor, The irised diamonds shine; Through every fluted column pour Gold rivers of God's wine.   The ancient heathen fane that stood Green-mossed by aeons of night, Crusted within its lonelihood, Is now the shrine of Light.   Within the purple marble veins The silver waters run; Upon the myriad altar-planes Desce
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/The Root.htm
The Root   The leaves were falling in October And laughed with hidden fun, Nudged, reeled and fell, not being sober From taking too much sun.   They tumbled in a mad gold blunder, Impatient of their breath, And being drunk they heard the Wonder Singing beyond their death.   And being dead they heard below them The running, feeding wine, And deeper yet where mad ones know them, They saw the root-hearts shine;   Where held and nursed through all Octobers, Live flower and leaf and fruit, Bright suns which warm, dark earth which sobers, In silence of the Root. Page-60
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Dark Roots.htm
Dark Roots   From strange dark roots our being rose; the sun That blazes manifold within each head Once flung itself in weltering night, and sped World within world; so too, in everyone The same stars shine and the same rivers run; And each is earth and fire, and gold and lead, Both flaming lotus and it's muddy bed, And all primeval Hell and Heaven have spun.   The riddle of our life that tears the brain, Its every contradiction, every hitch, Are knotted in that web of mysteries dire. Nor is there any issue till we drain Pure nectar from the very pits of pitch, And alchemise the flesh to golden fire. Page-83
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/To Eros.htm
To Eros (God's Love Incarnate)   Love, the world will wreck you; wait, Fold your wings before they burn; Once you pass the soul's white gate, There is no peace and no return.   Human searching drops hot wax Over your pure secrecies; There is no touch of earth but cracks The heart's white silence, steals your ease.   Earth is dark, unknowing, dumb; How can darkness guess or see What you are and why you come; It destroys your purity.   Love, you do not heed a word, Risk the night, the pain, the lie; Lightning-winged wild heaven's bird, Come and lift earth to the sky. Page-58
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Shelter.htm
Shelter   Draw close to me, O magic Heart, The thunders gather over the deep, Red flaming winds have torn apart The veils of dream and screens of sleep.   Draw close to me within the night; The wild beasts in the water-cave Are grappled in a deadly fight, And there is none but You can save.   O heart of Love, enfold the seas, And sentinel my helplessness; Open your harbours of white peace And shield me in your coved caress.   O shining Light, illumine, free The dream-delusion on the wave, The ancient sleep upon the sea, The wild beast in the water-cave.   Stand far no more in star-carved trance, But in your be
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Old Lovely Faces.htm
Old Lovely Faces   Old lovely faces which have made Our young lives pure, our wild hearts strong, We come across our sorrow's shade To you, adream with twilight song.   Back to your holy, quiet light, And soft caress of words that free, The smiling peace of star-brows white With inward, distant majesty.   Upon your stillness to lay our pain, And vagrancies of trembling nerves, Our broken dreams and clotted brain Of wounded thoughts your balm preserves.   The work you gave with silent gift Unmurmuring, unproud of heart, Is now the halo in the drift Of cloud that folds you high, apart.   Old faces, mute wi
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Play.htm
Play   The world's bright voice and moody fakes Keep us apart: But quietly your beauty breaks Within my heart.   You come in utter loneliness, Call and deny, Play with earth's ways, tease and confess Your hidden lie.   White spaces fold their purity Around my soul; With utter truth You come to me And make me whole. Page-61
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Willing.htm
"Willing"   Beloved, I am tired of thinking, I put me in your hand, If it's your will I'll never More try to understand.   But let me love you always, Or I shall die, my dear; And if our wills don't tally, Mine 'will' be yours, I fear. Page-151