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Seeking   I looked for you beyond the ways,  Beyond the seas and skies; And when I'd gone the round of all,  I found you in my eyes.   And in my heart's deep inmost cave Your Love's sweet presence stood, A flame of golden ecstasy, And white beatitude.   I went the round of all the world, And tried each luring faith, And never dreamt I'd find you furled Within this body's swathe.   O hidden Sun within my night, Moon-nectar in my breast, Star-eye within my inward sight, Who make yet all my quest   Turn outward through the seas and skies, Till everywhere I see The Love that dwells within my eyes Feed al
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Dead Sleep.htm
Dead Sleep   Dead sleep. — And are You watching over my sleep? How grey and stony pass the days, the nights More grey and blacker still; not one flame lights The ashen senses, the mute mouth, the deep- Sunk heart; no blood-streams pulse, no fresh breaths sweep; And mind, struck numb, has folded all its flights. Are these the days of Death? The ancient rites That sealed the sarcophagus on our leap To immortality? No other way But this? Eternal yearnings rock-immured Within inconscient worlds slow tunnel through To hells of senseless drouth, so fast secured, The soul's explosive core no piercing ray Can set aflame and free.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/This Hidden World.htm
This Hidden World   Mysterious, magical, what is it there, That secret sweetness in the core of things? And this strange melody that flows and sings In every atom of the earth and air? Rock-crystals hold the light's delight, a rare Close diamond-glow; pools ripple fairy rings, Within dark burgeon-knots what live joy springs, And what ecstatic flights the great palms dare!   This hidden world is vibrant with a Name, A rapture pulsing in the heart's abyss, Leaping in flame on flame of inward bliss; Granite and flower and tree are fire and flame, And eye of beast, and man's thought, word, desire; And most the Word, the Name,
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Prison.htm
Prison   Why don't You let me go? I cannot rise Unto your pureness or Look in your eyes.   Love, don't torment me so, But let me be; Forget me, leave me out, So I be free.   You crush me with your love, I sit confused, Nor can take joy in things, As once I used.   You hover round my soul All day and night, And press me in, and stop My coward flight.   I wish you'd never come, I cannot fly... And yet, if You should go, Love, I would die. Page-56
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/The Waters.htm
The Waters   In the pools of being When the angel stirs, Murmur the healing  fashioners.   Dark hearts of water In the palsied night Await quick fingers  plucking light.   Dream of the spirit In the body of things, Transmuting quietly beggars to kings.   Storm of the mad gods To anger stirred, Tossing from the darkness one white word.   O clean still waters, O rippling blood, White flowers are springing from the mud.   O leaping waters, O laughing sea, Bright rings of stillness clasp your plea.   O angel of healing In the nights of trance,  Come trouble the waters
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Time's Battle.htm
-139_Time's Battle Time's Battle   I saw night's death-cave yawning In writhing pains, And blood of the dragon flowing Within earth's veins;   And then the blue light flashing, Rocks split apart, And the great gold sun deep sinking In the storm's dark heart.   In subterrene fearful spaces Of poison fume, The dragon's secret dwelling Black fires illume,   The golden god descended In armoured light, Time's direst battle daring Within the night. Page-141
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/To Mother.htm
To Mother   Alone within the agonising night, Earth-broken, ignorant, to You I call,  O Mother-Love who are my all in all, To gather me into your heart of light.   My body vibrates with small flames of white; Over the waters of pain, through Matter's wall, Within the heart echoes your soft foot-fall, Approaching down your mystery-haloed height:   The pathway of the darkness bends and breaks Within abysses of eternal suns;  Within earth's veins and cells the white fire runs, The storms of pain relax to silvern seas; And all my being lost in You awakes Within your body of unutterable peace. Page-10
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Through Unknown Tracks.htm
Through Unknown Tracks   How many veils the mind has woven Across your image in my heart; Should I go straight down through that passage They would but wall me far apart,   And leave me fumbling blind in darkness... — So, brood I, could I close my eyes And plunge through unknown tracks, I'd capture You from behind as by surprise,   And be within your radiant presence, More safe-locked in your arms and sure, For all the walls the mind has put up Against the other entrance-door. Page-117
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/The Heart took Wings.htm
The Heart took Wings   The heart took wings of radiant things And flew to Him, her Lord; The night-watch shook in agony, But could not wield his sword; The gaoler black raised frantic arms, But could not speak a word.   She flew past all the towers of dark; The sentinels asleep, Stone-still like Rodin's "Thinker" sat, Brooding upon the deep; The elemental purple winds Drew in their breath to weep.   The lanterns in the questioning streets Zig-zagged across the earth, In crazy ecstasy went out, Self-shattered in their mirth; Fragmented rose to stars and danced Attendant on her birth.   She rea
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Poems by Themis/Publisher^s Note.htm
-001_Publisher^s Note Publisher's Note   We are very happy to bring out this collection of poems by Themis (the name given by the Mother to Tehmi for the first publication of her poems). A professor of English Literature at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education for twenty-five years, she now teaches Sri Aurobindo's works. With her fine perceptive insight into Sri Aurobindo's poetry she has over the years shared her knowledge with many of her students and has been a source of inspiration to them. The readers will find it of interest to know the comment Sri Aurobindo made when most of the poems in Part One were read out to him by Nirodbaran:   "The poems are remarkable, especially