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From 1934 to 1937, though I had been in Pondicherry (now called Puducherry), most of the time and had many friends in the Ashram, I had never entered the Ashram main building or felt like going for a 'Darshan'. I was just busy making money and having a good time. My friends in the Ashram were first Amal (K. D. Sethna), Purani, Ambu, Dr. Ramchandra and some others. Mona and I were married in February 1937 and then we had several more friends in the Ashram. They suggested that we should go for a Darshan and it was arranged for us to go on August 15th, 1937. In those days those who went for Darshan had their names listed and the time fo
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-06_Furniture for Sri Aurobindo^s Room.htm Sri Aurobindo's room was old and rather dilapidated and the Mother decided that it should be redone. So it was done up by all of us, Building Department, Harpagon, Electric and Water Service, Golconde Service, etc. But the furniture was also old and made of boxwood painted green or brown, quite useful at one time but now become shabby. So the Mother suggested to Sri Aurobindo that we make new furniture for Him and He agreed. I was given the wonderful opportunity of designing the furniture and having it made under my direction at Harpagon. - Udar- Sri Aurobindo's Room furniture The sad
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Noël 1939 in the Little house Udar,Nishtha(Margaret woodrow Wilson),gauri, Ambu, Mona In England Christmas is a very happy family affair, so Mona, Udar's wife, also followed a simple Christmas celebration with her friends and family in the Ashram and sent gifts for the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. In 1944, during the war years, when all of a sudden there was a large influx of children, Mother asked Mona to organise a little celebration for them. Games were organised and presents were distributed. All this was done in the 'Red House', facing the Ashram Main Library, where Udar lived with his family.
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How involved he was with the physical education can be understood when we know that it was his idea to get the very first batch of gymnastic apparatus, such as the parallel bars, vaulting box, pommelled horse and uneven bars from England. Subsequently Udar manufactured these apparatus here itself in the Harpagon workshop. - Golden Chain - Ashram Cricket Team at the Pondicherry Military ground - early 50s Ashram Cricket Team at the Pondicherry Military ground - late 40s Udar played a great role as an organiser and administrator in the formative years of our Depar
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One of India's great visionaries in the field of medicine was Dr. G. Venkataswamy of Madurai. He is well-known all over the world for the wonderful work he has done to prevent blindness and restore sight. Aravind Eye Hospitals are the largest and some of the best run in the world with three fourths of the patients being operated free of charge. The cost of their care being subsidised by the patients who pay. His large and hardworking family support him all the way. Udar was a close friend of Dr. Venkataswamy. He used to recite Savitri 'to him whenever he visited Pondicherry. He also carried and installed the Relics of Sri Aurobindo at each new b
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When we were building the swimming pool at the Sports Ground 1 wanted to have our own independent supply of water from a tube well so as not to depend on the town supply. Now 1 know that sinking a tube well is a risk. There are narrow underground streams and if the well hits one of these then it will give a regular and constant supply of water. But if one misses it by even a few feet then the water supply is intermittent and can fail in summer. So we had to hit the right spot and for this I remembered what Sri Aurobindo had said and I asked the Mother to come and choose the spot for us. So Mother came to the place, meditated a while and then put Her foot on a spot, which we
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-25_Mother^s New Room.htm I will now' write about our Sweet Mother's new rooms, on the second floor. This is how it all started. She had no bedroom,not even a bed to sleep on for over forty years. She never actually slept. She would just 'retire' from 2 to 4 a.m. and all were asked not to disturb Her during those two hours. Mother would be working with some of us up to 2 a.m. and then She would start working with others again at 4 a.m. For those two hours, She would sit in Her chair in a meditation rather than sleep and so I say that Mother had not slept for over 40 years. The Mother's new room with the Aubusson carpet
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The Ashram school started in 1943 because some disciples brought their young children during the war (WW II) to the Ashram and some education was needed for them. In December 1950, after Sri Aurobindo left His body, the Mother wanted to have a University in His name. So a Convention was held in April 1951 to work out the procedure. This university was later renamed 'Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education'. Thus SAICE came into being. 24th April 1951 The Mother at the convention Pavitra, Pranab, Udar Inauguration Speeches at the Convention - 24th April 1951 Sri Aurobin
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In one of the most remote parts of India, one of the most advanced buildings in the world was constructed under the most demanding of circumstances concerning material and craftsmen. This reinforced concrete structure was completed primarily by unskilled volunteers with the most uncertain of supplies, and with virtually every fitting custom-fabricated. Yet this handsome building has a world stature, both architecturally and in its bio-climatic response to a tropical climate 13 degrees North of the equator. It has the reputation of being the most comfortable building in Pondicherry, although it has no mechanical cooling system. - 'Solar World' Congress, Perth -
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Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon A farcical 19th century comedy by Eugène Labiche about a retired manufacture who goes on a holiday to Switzerland with his wife and daughter, followed by two friendly suitors who devise stratagems to please the father and get the daughter's hand. The Mother and spectators at the 1st Dec. programme - playground Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon - 1st Dec. 1948 Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon - 1st Dec. 1948 M.Toussaint,