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This is a story that Mother Herself told us when we were playing table tennis with Her at Nanteuil house. Mother used to visit the various table tennis locations but mostly She played at Nanteuil. When we played against Mother we generally tried our best to return the ball well within Her reach and in as easy a position as possible for Her to hit it well. This required a good control on our part and was of great value in our own training, as Mother herself commented one day. This same day, She explained that the game was invented by the Chinese and was called 'Ping Pong'. It was a very elegant game, generally played by the Mandarins. Then Mother showed us
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Jalad's fodder fields being turned into the sports ground school children at work The Sports Ground was Jalad's fodder field for the cows at his Dairy. The Ashram did not have a football ground. Some young people had gone there for an outing and they thought this could be a nice ground for football. They told Mother about it and She gave Her consent. Thus the Sports Ground came into existence. - Lilou - Students and adults working at the sports ground construction Jalad and Kameshwar had spent several years looking for suitable land to grow fodder for the Ashr
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As this aeronautical engineer sat behind a cupboard or a chair wiping the furniture in Sri Aurobindo's Room , he heard the words of this marvellous epic being recited by the Master. Years later this poem became his mantra and his whole life. For more than 15 years, starting in the 80's, he recited Savitri every morning, at first in the school then in Golconde and finally at Harpagon and there were many who went regularly to hear him recite. - Golden Chain - Every morning She used to give me a rose in the early days. And one day, in addition to the rose, she gave me a white flower. I was surprised, I didn't know why. I was very happy, I did
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-19_Sri Aurobindo^s Action.htm On the 29th February 1956, the Mother announced the manifestation of the supramental consciousness and light and force. Later Mother said that it was an event forerunner of the birth of a new world. I recommend that all should read what Mother has said on this, 'The Great Adventure'. This can be found in part from The Bulletin of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Nov. 1957, p. 93 and another part in Questions and Answers 1957-1958 pp. 129-131. It is after reading this that you will realise what an exciting and important moment is now on us. Then on the 1st January 1970 this force came into a defi
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SENTEURS Udar, under Mother's direction, started several units like the Handmade Paper Unit, the Laboratoires Senteurs,"' tc. He also took up and developed the Coco Garden Cement Concrete Works, and managed Honesty Engineers and Contractors. He also helped establish the New Horizon Sugar Mills and the New Horizon Stainless Steel factory. - Lilou - The Mother at Senteurs -Sept. 1958 Nolini, Minoo, Udar,Dyuman, Millie When the Mother was in France She had a lady friend, Madame Lucienne Merle who was a manufacturer of perfumes and t
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Many guests visited the Ashram over the years. Some sadhaks were asked by the Mother to look after them and show them places of interest in the Ashram and answer any questions they might have. Udar was often one of these guides. Here are some of the guests who came. Guard of Honour for prime Minister J.Nehru - 16th Jan.1955 Visit of K.M. Munshi Madhav, Nolini, Udar, Charupada Page - 118 Visit of C.C. Deshmukh - 1955 at Golconde Visit of Rajkumari Amrit Kaur - 1956 at the Samadhi
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Laurence Marshal Pinto - later known as Udar, had his early education at St. Mary's School at Hubli. Later he went to St. Joseph's European and Anglo- Indian High School at Bangalore. After passing the Senior Cambridge and High School he joined the Karnatak College at Dharwar. (He was fond of acting on the stage and took part in many plays. This love of acting held his interest even while he was in the Ashram and he took part in several plays.) -Wilfy- 1 was brought up in a Roman Catholic family; I really wanted to practise my religion. Not out of fear but out of love. Therefore I prayed a lot to the Virgin