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Shraddhavan and Huta on Mary Helen   Dearest brother Narad, Thank you for sharing with us the beautiful life-sketch of Mary Helen and the news of her passing.  Huta told me "She has gone straight to the Mother", and I'm sure you feel the same.  It seems to me that the moment of her passing must have been a matter of her soul's choice, and have marked the completion of the work she came to do.  We can imagine that this is a time of great challenge to you, and to Chali, and pray that you may feel the constant Solace and Support of our loving Mother to carry you through,  We are remembering you with great love and holding you in our hearts.   From Huta and Shraddhavan
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/On Mary Helen/Remembering Mary Helen Eggenberger.htm
Remembering Mary Helen   Mary Helen Eggenberger Mary Helen, beloved friend and companion on the Way, disciple of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, left this beautiful and hallowed earth she so cherished at 7:30 a.m. on February 7, 2002, a day before her 58th birthday.  Mary Helen read about Mother and Sri Aurobindo when she was just out of her teens and, as a young woman at the age of 22, she sent her photo to Mother and received Her blessings to come and live in the Ashram. She traveled with a girl friend to India, taking with her a few belongings and leaving everything else to meet Mother in August of 1966. She returned to the Ashram in 1968 for the inaugu
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/On Mary Helen/Richard Pearson on Mary Helen.htm
 Richard Pearson on Mary Helen   When I think of Mary Helen I think of "Radha's Consciousness" and if I gave her a flower it would always be "Radha's Consciousness".
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/On Mary Helen/On Listening to 'The Mother' by Sri Aurobindo.htm
The Mother  March 2002   A few months before her passing Mary Helen asked me to bring the small portable cassette record to her bedroom.  After she passed away, when I was going through all the draws collecting things to put in an (Album of Remembrance), I found the tapes of Mother reading (The Mother).  In her last months Mary Helen had been listening to these and never said a word.  
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/On Mary Helen/Simi Smith on Mary Helen’s Passing.htm
 Simi Smith on Mary Helen's Passing    I feel this cancer is a thing of the future and I have seen those who have it change – they live in The Mother. I saw Mary Helen like that.                                                                         Simi    
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/On Mary Helen/Devon Nair on Mary Helen.htm
Devon Nair on Mary Helen   Dear Narad,   My thoughts flew to you when I read about the passing of Mary Helen. For one to whom Mother said "I am with you, fear not", one need not grieve.  She IS safe and well in Mother's embrace.  Let this unshakeable faith sustain all those who loved her.   Yours in Her Love,   Devon Nair
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/On Mary Helen/A Vision from Sunanda on Mary Helen’s Passing.htm
A Vision from Sunanda on Mary Helen's Passing   It was an abode as if in white clouds and snow.  But there were sharp steeples at the top. It was not one of Natural scapes that are seen so often in our visions.  It was more concrete and yet in the subtle way. Then I found myself in contact with the inside of this place.  It was the same familiar place I see often.  Some familiar presences and others not intimately known were there.  The sight glided all around without any effort. The physical "I" knew it to be one of the boons given and there was no need for me to try to see anything.  It was just there, taking place inside that familiar place.  It was as usual all shimmering white with ra