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Om and The Om Choir The voice that chants to the creator Fire, The symbolled OM, the great assenting Word, Savitri In 1961 the Mother gave Narad the adesh to bring down a New Music. These were Her words: "You must bring down a New Music" This is the aspiration of the OM Choir now in its 12th year. We gather as a group soul, a sacred body, to open ourselves to be instruments for the descent of the New Music, a music that has the power of effectuation through OM, which the Mother has called, "The signature of the Lord.
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Sri Aurobindo on OM Volume 12 - The Word has its seed-sounds - suggesting the eternal syllable of the Veda, AUM. A note on the Chhandogya Upanishad "OM is the syllable (the Imperishable); one should follow after it as the upward song (movement); for with OM one sings (goes) upwards; "The Chhandogya,... is to be a work in the right and perfect way of devoting oneself to the Brahman; its subject is the Brahman, but the Brahman as symbolised in the OM, the sacred syllable of the Veda, not therefore, the pure state of existence only, but that existence in a
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OM Chanting From: My Treasures - by Shobha Mitra Published in Ananda Sagar - Vol. 275 - January 2010 In one of the 1st December programmes the Mother selected four of us to recite Sri Aurobindo's poem "The Ascent and The Descent". She would direct us individually after coming back from the Tennis Ground. One day, being deeply moved by her formidable voice, I asked the Mother, "Mother, teach me how to chant 'OM' ". The Mother became quite upright, closed Her eyes and started chanting 'OM'. My
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Page-17 The Power of Words It seems unnecessary to draw your attention to the quantity of useless words that are uttered each day; this evil is well known to all, although very few people think of remedying it. But... in the course of the day, we often have the opportunity of expressing a helpful wish by pronouncing one word or another, provided that we know how to put the appropriate thought behind the words. ... we can, when pronouncing a word, force ourselves to reflect upon its exact meaning, its true import, in order to ma
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Dear Narad  To read about your a Dear Narad To read about your accident and the serious injuries and pain you got  touched me. And I am praying to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo to shower on you Love, Healing and Their Grace. I also informed some of your friends about your serious accident. Of us all - really all the best for you and around you - with loving OM. Yes, we have to be more and more carefully in all our doings. And I have the impression that a lot of devotees, especially elderly, are called now to do more the sensitive inner conscious work. The physically strong activities we have to leave to others, younger people.  I think we are ask more to be and gentle allow The Mother to act thro
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On The OM Choir - by Margrit 28 October 2006 From Margrit Dear Narad, it is beautiful that you are coming quite soon and will enrich us again. Personally I can also imagine to learn with the recorded teaching from you some more years. Every time there is a new discovery and a widening of aspiration. From Linda you got some of the written experiences and reflexions. In generell I feelit would be nice torecord what this way of regular 'sadhana' and opening to Mother and Sri Aurobindo is giving us. Every time it is
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Correspondence on the Om Choir - Margrit - Oct. 4, 2009 OM Dear Narad .... I hope and wish you are fine. I got your email address from sweet Linda. I wrote two emails to you - one also to your birthday - and now you can read them when you like. We - in the OM Choir - are happy and looking forward to have you here in Auroville. When exactly you will join us? Will it be Tuesday, the 27th of October ? Please give me the date. I like to do an announcement in the News& Notes. In between we had several beautiful OM Choirs. At one o
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Correspondence on the OM Choir - Margrit - 14, November 2009 conscious aspirations Dear Narad It is nice to have you here and getting advices and aspiration for an enriching way to express aspirations. Dear Narad, in the last OM Choir you said something about "to place aspiration for singing in the head and ...". I did not got your whole saying. It would be nice when you can give more advices, explanations and understandings about to place aspiration and sound. Conscious awareness about aspiration is may be also a process