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Kailasbhai To Narad In His Room December 29, 2007 Nirod was having a sumptuous breakfast with Dilip Kumar Roy but each time when he returned to his room he felt a deep depression.  He asked Sri Aurobindo about it and He said, ‘He is not feeding you free of cost, he is feeding your depression as well.’ ‘There was a person with a large tumour in her stomach and Sri Aurobindo’s subtle hand was seen removing it and the person was cured.’ ‘Paul Richard told Dilip, ‘I made a mistake.  I could not understand Sri Aurobindo and Mother and now even to commit suicide I am not free.’ Kailas told me that he first heard my new name on November 17, 19
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On Bobby Kennedy’s Death.htm On Bobby Kennedy’s Death June 5, 1968 At 3:30 a.m. the phone rings.  It is Sarah Hudson.  She tells me in a broken, tear-filled voice that Senator Robert Kenny has been shot.  He was at the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire, quite near our apartment., making a victory speech to about 2000 people.  Sarah and her husband have been working for him. I calmed Sarah, Anne came and sat by me and we called Mother.  Sarah said she could feel better, asked how to call Mother, and said that Kennedy must not die. As we called the Mother’s Force I saw the room fill with sparkling lights.  This is an experience Anne has often had but it was the first time I had seen
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My Mother’s First Serious Illness and Her Passing.htm My Mother's First Serious Illness and Her Passing I was very young, perhaps between five and six years of age when my mother fell seriously ill. Her temperature increased and stayed at 105 degree Fahrenheit and despite everything the doctor tried she became weaker and weaker. Finally, the doctor, defeated in his efforts, said there was nothing more he could do for he
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Nolinida - A Remembrance in Reverence In the mid to late 1970’s I had a series of remarkable nightly visits from Nolinida. To the waking consciousness little remains, which is as it should be, yet the remembrance of his of his kind and gentle teaching holds a sweetness to which I return again and again. Nolinida was for many a formidable force who often displayed a fierce demeanor, causing one to think twice about coming before him. Yet something in me knew that he was only acting as the lion at the gate, giving one pause to reflect on whether an issue was important enough to take up his time. To me, however, he always lowered the mask so that
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Felix and Lyudmila Mary Helen and I visited St. Petersburg, Russia and spent an evening with disciples of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, some of them who are in Auroville today. One day, coming off the ship we had taken through the Baltic countries, we heard a man and his wife talking in Russian and English about what they wanted to see in St. Petersburg that day. I went up to them and asked if we could share a taxi together as we
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Parichand Diary 2004 My dear friend and brother, Chamanlal, gave me a book on Parichand's life, a gift from Sumantra. Parichand, of course, was my elder brother and we shared a closeness impossible to put in words. Visiting him frequently, we would talk about flowers, share new plants, seeds, etc., but most of all, Parichand would speak of Mother. His presence was filled with light as he would tell us stories about Mother and often, in his cheerful and simple way, resolve problems of day to day life on the many occasions we visited him. One could have no sadness or doubt or pain in his
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Narad Remembers Amal Kiran – A Tribute Those who have known Amal Kiran know also that he was born K.D. Sethna and that Sri Aurobindo gave him his spiritual name, Amal Kiran, 'A Clear Ray'. My first contact with Amal was a most memorable one. When poems first began to descend in me in the late 1960's I wrote to Amal who was then Editor of Mother India and he told me Sri Aurobindo said it was His journal. Although I knew nothing about prosody and my earliest attempts at receiving clearly the lines that were coming down were poorer than
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A Humorous Remembrance From the Matrimandir Gardens Nursery The research into various composting techniques at the Nursery was extensive and ongoing. We studied the proven techniques of Albert Howard, Rodale, the UC composting methods as well as newer methods that came with people from many countries. One of the latest experimental systems was brought to us by friends from Brazil. Today we use both aerobic and anaerobic systems including experiments with EM - Effective Micro-organisms. Along with composting was our never-ending search for ideal soil mixes for all the different species we were
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Dyumanbhai - The Soul Remembers Matrimandir Gardens During the 1970's many Ashramites would come to visit us at the Matrimandir Gardens Nursery, a living germ plasm bank where plants were introduced from all areas of the tropical and sub-tropical world. The numerous species were studied for a number of years to note how well they acclimatized, their cultural aspects, including soil preference, fertilizing requirements, flowering period, dormancy, resistance to insects and disease, drought tolerance, growth rate, how they harmonized with other plants, whether they bore seeds, how ea
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HARINDRANATH CHATTOPADHYAYA Remembrances from Amal and Tehmi shared with Narad Amal told me that the numbers of poems coming through to Harin was so great that he would sit at his typewriter all day and write line after line. In fact, Amal said, he wrote one lakh lines of poetry in one year. Amal said that after Harin left the Ashram he no longer had Sri Aurobindo's guidance and presence filling him with the muse of poetry and all his work after that was mediocre. Amal says that Harin returned some years later and when he (Amal) showed him the poetry he had written in the Ashram, Harin wept.