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Meeting with Arabinda Basu – February 28.htm Meeting with Arabinda Basu – February 28, 2008 You have not failed the Mother (in not receiving the vision of the Gardens of the Matrimandir), the time is not yet come. Do not work too hard. Very important. Follow your breathing – 5 minutes per day. Do not tell anyone about health issues, it is only a possibility in 6 months to one year – do not think about it or think about the past. Do things in a small way. No splash. This is always what Mother and Sri Aurobindo wanted. The Supramental is at work breaking up the past. There will be much more destruction. People will suffer but what can you do. The Supermind will not accept the ment
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Two Remembrances of Arabinda Basu - Shared with Narad Nirodbaran and Arabinda Basu were close friends and Arabinda would come to Nirod's room regularly. Nirod recounted the following to him one day. Very gently Sri Aurobindo asked Nirodbaran (paraphrased) "Please do not put anything on top of Savitri, it is my body." Arabinda ended with a remembrance from Dilip Kumar Roy. Mother asked Nolini to go to Dilip and tell him that She wished to see him. Nolini went and Dilip said he wouldn't go, tha
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Themi - Mother's Letters on Art.htm TEHMI— LETTERS FROM THE MOTHER—ON ART (Mother India - July 2006) Tehmi's letter to the Mother: Sweet Mother, Could I offer You this little thing? (Is it called a stole or a shawl?) It is very, very old, but it is just a few days ago that Maman had someone bring it from Bombay. I know well that it is not worthy of You, Sweet Mother—nothing is— but the moment I saw it I thought of You. So, I place it at Your feet with all my love. Will You use it. Sweet Mother?
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Narad Remembers/Tehmi/Tehmi-Ben March 2006.htm
TEHMI-BEN—NARAD REMEMBERS (Mother India - March 2006) (Continuation of "Tehmi-ben—Narad Remembers" from the issue of January 2006) TEHMI'S childhood was idyllic, surrounded by the trappings of royalty, infused with beauty and wonder, a fairy tale to fulfil any youngster's most vivid imagination and people a world of dreams with pageantry and splendour. Tehmi: "When we were young we lived in a palace. The Durbar hall was just below us and we used to peep and watch them (the guests) beautifull
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Narad Remembers/Tehmi/Tehmi-Ben January 2006.htm
TEHMI-BEN—NARAD REMEMBERS (Mother India - January 2006) WITHOUT the All-encompassing vision we cannot say what it is that calls one soul to another when there is no obvious pull of the vital, mind, or body. So it was with my friendship with Tehmi-ben and the honour to be with her in her last years. It seemed, however, to be the continuation of a profound spiritual association perhaps through many previous lives. She had few close friendships but they ran deep and were always grounded in love and adoration of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. She had, how
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Narad Remembers/Tehmi/Themis - The Poet and Poetry September 2006.htm
NARAD REMEMBERS THEMIS—THE POET On Poetry (Mother India - September 2006) THE name, Themis, was chosen by Mother as the name She wished Tehmi to use for her poetry. Themis is the Greek goddess of justice and law. Tehmi's poetry, including many poems written before she came to the Ashram, was given high praise by Sri Aurobindo. Here are Sri Aurobindo's words. The poems are remarkable, especially the later ones. They have power of revelatory image and phrase and o
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Tehmi as a Student—Some Letters.htm TEHMI AS A STUDENT—SOME LETTERS (Mother India - April 2006) TEHMI received high praise throughout her academic career. Here are some special letters from her teachers in the early days of her High School and then her College studies. (1) The Queen Mary High School, Girgaum, Bombay 30.5.40 I have great pleasure in testifying to the excellence of Miss Tehmi Masalawala's work and character. She was a pupil of this school and was always th
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Narad Remembers/Tehmi/Tehmi-ben On Education .htm
TEHMI-BEN—NARAD REMEMBERS: ON EDUCATION (Mother India - June 2006) Tehmi: "We had a Jesuit Father who was round, really round. He was our French teacher and liked us very much. There were about four of us whom he especially liked and had us read all the time. He ignored the other students in the class. He would always say to us, 'No rest for the wicked.' He also said in his deep, gruff voice to the boys who couldn't answer a question, 'Memory is the faculty that forgets!'" *
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NARAD REMEMBERS (Mother India - November 2006) (Continued from the issue of September 2006) THEMIS—THE POET On Poetry (Mother India - November 2006) July 13,2004 Tehmi: (On Savitri) The very first line. What a tremendous opening. It says so much. You have to read it differently. It is simple. Nothing dramatic. You imagine it. It is very powerful. It gives the sense of transition from the night to the dawn. I can hear it. The word "eyeless" (in the phras
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Narad Remembers/Tehmi/Themis - The Poet and Poetry June 2007.htm
THEMIS—NARAD REMEMBERS (Mother India - June 2007) (Continued from the issue of January 2007) Her Visions and Experiences THOUGH Tehmi would say that she had very few experiences she spoke to me many times of two that were so powerful they were inscribed in her consciousness as on a perpetual tablet of Divine Grace. She actually was blessed with many other visions, some of which she recounted to me during her last two years and others that were recently found in one of her o