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(1966) It was in 1966 : I used to work in Auroville office. At that time it was just opposite the ashram i. e. Francious house. I used to send flowers as and when I wished and even write to Her whatever I felt. She always used to send me flowers and reply also. Her grace granted me this privilege. On 2nd Jan. I had drawn my aspiration and wrote few lines :-"Let the burning fire......" Jan.3.66 I had send the card to Her with New Year resolution. She send the FLOWERS : grace; Surrender; Joy of faithfulness; Love towards Divine; Physical aspiration; Sweet t
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Dwijata Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry - 605002 (South) INDIA Published by : Elia. Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry - 605002 South India.
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(1969) Somehow I felt like seeing Her and having Her Darshan. For few days these feelings were deep within. I did not write nor spoke to anybody. The feelings were in the core of my heart. At night I went to sleep. I felt concretely that she was above my head carrassing my head and saying "I Love you" and disappeared within moments. I got up but was lost for sometime entangled in Her Love, Her peace....... It is inexpressible. She heard the feelings of my heart. She is so Graciouus. It was a surprise and throughout my life it is fresh in my consciousness.
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(1965) FLOWERS: White roses; Vital energy. This flowers were sent by Her to me. She always used to sent me flowers with so much of Love....I cannot express this in words. FLOWERS: Grace; bouque of Immortality; Energy; Endurance; Pink Rose. FLOWERS: Peace in cell; Grace; pink rose; immortality I am always over, joyed to have beautiful flowers from Her. FLOWERS: Grace; Plasticity; endurance; Pink rose. It is all Her grace that I am near Her in this world. FLOWERS: Plasticity; Joy of faithfulness; Grace; unselfishness; Pink rose; white rose. I admi
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Dwijata/English/My Spiritual Diary/1968.htm
(1968 ) January. 1.68 The atmosphere is full of peace as on every 1st of the New Year. I prayed to Her for New Progress and Peace and Divine Joy. January .3.68 I never like to be in the world organised by Human beings. I always renounce it from heart. I would like to exist in the world, in the kingdom formed and governed by the Divine. I felt the forceful vibrations that she is most, most happy to read. Sweet Mother Blessed me. January.9.68 FLOWERS : God Hea
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"I be in Her light peace and power; To awaken every cell and atom of my body; My love to Her and Her love to me be Immortal." The flowers sent by Her signifies a lot and this is all Her grace. I saw the theory of transformation over here. But my aspiration is to have Her love and live for Her. She knew this and she also knew that I would have served Her from my heart even personally if given chance from childhood. I worked in the office and learnt some official things. I enjoyed learning many things .e.g. cycling; swimming; exercise; drawing; painting etc.