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8. From Realisation to Application (i) The Long Transition Since its origination in the times of ancient Greeks, psychology has undergone several laudable changes in the West. The long psycho-cultural process was set in motion with the leap from animal to human status. This new birth of manifest life projected the human animal into dimensional time and inaugurated the process of conscious self-awareness. And, in our own times, both scientists and psychologists are competing with one another to have a dynamic view of the human conditions. They seem to be shedding old conceptual and instrumental paradigms for new ones to enable them to new-underst
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9. The Sevenfold Ignorance It is the growth from a half-animal humanity into a spiritual and supramental being that would be the character of the evolutionary process. It means the passage of the force of consciousness from the mental, vital and physical into the infinite power of the Spirit. To begin with we are ignorant of our source, of the source and support of the universe around us, — the truth of our being and becoming. This, as Sri Aurobindo calls it, is the original ignorance. In addition, we suffer from a constitutional Ignorance that exercises a form of self-restriction to the material-vital existence. With the result, our knowledge is partial and limited,
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7. The Many Minds — Towards Truth-Consciousness (i) The Five Minds Sri Aurobindo speaks of Five Minds functioning in the body-consciousness. Ordinarily we are aware of only three of these — the physical mind, the vital mind and the mental mind. The other two, the psychic mind and the spiritual mind belong to the domain of the Integral Yoga Psychologist. It is because of the presence of these latter that man aspires to transcend his earthly limitations and gain entry into the luminous regions of liberated intelligence. The universe is a magical unfoldment, as it were, between two limits — the superconscient and the Incon-scient — the two levels of manife
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5. Integral Yoga Psychology (i) Man by his very nature is spiritual. He is a dynamic psyche ever evolving, always integrating with the universe around him. He is a self-conscious mode of the infinite and the eternal though at present limited because of the compulsions of Nature's evolutionary process. He is a dual expression of both Being and Becoming, and manifests simultaneously the static and dynamic aspects of Reality. The static truth of his inmost existence — the impersonal eternal dimension — sanctions and supports, as it were, his creative nature, the historical dimension. The two dimensions, though distinguishable, are in fact inseparable.
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2. Yoga: The Psychology of Self-Perfection Yoga is one of the means of knowing man and the workings of cosmic forces through Nature and life. It is the study of the human mind, and of the greater mind expressing itself in all beings and things. It leads to the perception of the divine Intelligence and Will working through individual and cosmic evolution. Yoga is a powerful and perfected method of union with this divine Intelligence and Will. It provides a path of quick and conscious seeking and union with the Divine on one or more planes of our being. While the physical and vital mind looks upon outer things, Yoga penetrates the surface appearances
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3. The Triple Liberation The world is the self-manifestation of Brahman in the figure of phenomenal consciousness. While Brahman exists in the world to represent Itself in the vital and mental, Life and Mind exist in Brahman in order to progress and discover it in themselves. "Therefore man's importance in the world is that he gives to it that development of consciousness in which its transfiguration by a perfect self-discovery becomes possible. To fulfil God in life is man's manhood. He starts from the animal vitality and its activities, but a divine existence is his objective."7 Brahman is not extra-cosmic, It is supra-cosmic. It embraces and includes the universe
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6. Integral Yoga Psychology vis-a-vis Western Approach to Personality — Freud, Jung and Adler (i) Over the years Western psychology has undergone several changes. Originally, it was regarded as a science of the soul, but then it shifted its emphasis and came to be considered as the science of mind, and of late its main focus has been mere behaviour. This limits the subject to an infinitesimally small segment of its vast field. And with the advent and rise of physical sciences, psychology itself has come to be a natural science. Psychology today presents a plethora of points of view in regard to the nature of man; it is in fact a group of
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PART ONE The Fundamentals The Fundamentals 1. Man and the Universe: Inseparable Companions on the Journey The soul of man is a traveller in the totality of the universe, unconscious of its identity with it, and with the all-inclusive and yet transcendent Brahman. A progressive revelation of the omni-truth of the Omnipresent Reality is the meaning and aim of world-existence and human existence. It is this luminous unfoldment, the dawn, that the ancient Rishis looked for, and devoutly worked for. The seers saw its fulfilled perfection as the summit-step of life's endless journey, guided and guarded by the Grace of the omnipotent Sachchidananda, im
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GLOSSARY* ahamkara: Ego-sense. ajndna: The operation by which the consciousness dwells on an image of things so as to govern and possess it in power. Ananda (ananda): Bliss, delight, beatitude, spiritual ecstasy. Annamaya-Kosha (annamaya-kosa): The physical sheath. annamaya purusa: Soul in body; physical conscious being; material being. antah-karana: The inner instrument; mind; mind and vital as opposed to the body. anumdna: Inference. asat: Non-Being, Non-Existence, Nothingness; that which is not manifested and beyond manifestation and is not contained in the basis of manifestation. asmitd: Egotism. Atman (atman): Self; Spirit; the orig