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Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Experiences/Dream-Experience of Mary Helen.htm
Dream-Experience of Mary Helen   It was a wooden structure, somewhat like a cabinet that contained many, many drawers.  It was so vivid that I asked Arabinda Basu if he would tell me its meaning.  He said that each of the drawers in the cabinet contained gifts that Mother was giving me.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Experiences/Mary Helen’s Dream of Mother.htm
Mary Helen’s Dream of Mother   "Trying to reach a destination as yet unknown.  Sometimes with Narad, sometimes alone, hostile beings trying to destroy us which we either fought & beat down or ran away from. Finally came to a gathering of others who had undergone the same kinds of battles to reach this place.  There was a building - not Matrimandir; just an ordinary looking western style, long rectangular building with a peaked roof.  It appeared new for the structure was complete but it had no exterior finish. As everyone gathered together we realized Mother was there - not above or apart, but among us as one of us.  She asked us to come into the building and when we were all inside She t