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Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/13th December 1938.htm
13th December 1938 The Mother came at 5-55 and meditated till after 7-05. It is difficult to say whether the feast of silent meditation was more precious than the conversation which happened to take place after Mother left for evening meditation. Page – 13 Sri Aurobindo :  (with a smile to X.) Meditating? Disciple :  I am trying hard Sir, for the last three-fourths of an hour but I have not succeeded. Many unwanted thoughts come. Sri Aurobindo :  What are they? Disciple :  Some nonsense. Sri Aurobindo :  Some extraordinary non-sense like perpetual attendance on the Maharajah or successor to Mussolini
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/21st January 1939.htm
21st January, 1939 Dr. R's v’sit today Dr. R :  Do you feel the pain (in the knee-joint) still? Sri Aurobindo : Yes. Dr. R :  That is because you are moving the leg after a long time; it will disappear when you are accustomed to it. Page – 157 Sri Aurobindo : Accustomed to the pain! (Laughter) Talk then turned to the world-war and the Congress. Pattabhi was elected President. Patel wanted to settle at Rajkot or go to East Africa. Disciple : I am afraid if Patel goes to East or South Africa the Indians there would be shot. Sri Aurobindo : Instead of Patel going there to Africa it is better that Gandhi should go to Hitler. Hitler will say to
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/22nd and23rd May 1940.htm
22nd May, 1940 Disciple : If the Asuric forces incarnated in Hitler and others in Germany, is there no one on this side of allies who incarnates a Divine force? Sri Aurobindo : No. Unfortunately there is none. They are all ordinary men; there is no one who can receive the Force. Perhaps Marshal Petain may be able to receive but he is too old I think. Disciple : Can Wegan receive? Page – 265 Sri Aurobindo : I don't know him; in such times if you have men who do not conform to the science or the rules it is an advantage. We require men with ideas and daring. Hore Belisha would have been a very good choice on English side. If they had put Lord Halifax fo
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/29th December 1938.htm
29th December, 1938 To-day a question of a doctor (disciple) was conveyed by one of the disciples. Disciple : What is the connection between the causal body and the psychic being? Sri Aurobindo : The psychic being is what is called Chaitya Purusha in the heart, while the Causal body is at present Superconscious. They are not the same. Disciple : It is the Superconscious existence that later on is called "Self" in Vedanta. According to some people Raman Maharshi has realized the Self. Sri Aurobindo : From what Brunton (Paul) has written it does not seem so. He speaks of the "voice in the heart" that would mean the Psychic Being. At this point Mother came
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/18th February 1939.htm
18th February, 1939 Disciple : The maxim "from each according to his capacity and to each according to his need" seem to be basis of Socialism. Page – 216  Sri Aurobindo : Who is to decide the need? In the actual working of Socialism there is a great divergence – some tackle only key industries like Electricity and nationalize them; while others go into the minutest detail. Disciple : Even the Communists in Russia have introduced divergence in wages – to encourage workers to do more work. Sri Aurobindo : Yes, But that comes to the same thing – only instead of the Capitalist it is the State that pays the higher wages. Communism one can understand; a
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/4th January 1941.htm
JANUARY 1941 4th January, 1941 Sri Aurobindo : Inconscient, what is inconscient? There is nothing below the Inconscient. It is from the Inconscient that Matter takes form. Everything has its basis in the Inconscient. As the work is going on in the Inconscient the difficulties from there arise, – various diseases, etc. It is the stuff of all material world. Inconscient has its own power. It has concrete thoughts and ideas of its ignorance and in order to combat them, one has to bring down concrete higher Force. Disciple : What about "In tune with the Infinite" in which he says : "I am infinite power. It is pouring and pouring in me." Sri Aurobindo : What ab
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/10th January 1939.htm
10th January 1939 Disciple : My friend "X" has begun to give medicine to some of my patients. Sri Aurobindo : So, you have your "o-Allo" alliance or axis! Talk on opathy was going when the Mother came. Mother : Do you know about a school of opathy in Switzerland which is very famous in Europe? It prepares medicines also. They have books in which symptoms are grouped together and remedies are indicated for a group of symptoms. It is a very convenient method; only, you have to have the book; or good memory. But are you allowed to practice opathy without license? Disciple : Oh, yes. No license is required in India. Disciple : But Dr. S was telling that using
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/26th December 1938.htm
26th December, 1938. Four disciples were seated on the carpet talking in low whispers at about 5. 30 P. M. One of the group broke into suppressed laughter  in the course of the talk. At 6. 30 P. M. we all assembled by the side of Sri Aurobindo, He looked round and referring to the laughter  asked : "What was the divine descent about?" Disciple : X. had his usual outburst of laughter. Sri Aurobindo : Oh, it was the descent of Vishnu's ananda. Disciple : It is very peculiar how I break out into uncontrolled laughter  so easily. Formerly, I used to weep at the slightest provocation. I think because I live in the external consciousness only I laugh so easily. Is i
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/25th April 1940.htm
APRIL 1940 25th April, 1940 R was talking to C in the train that his difficulty was about accepting Mother, because he said they used to meditate together and therefore he found it difficult to accept her. Disciple : Nobody ever meditated with the Mother before the Ashram came into existence in 1926. Sri Aurobindo : Yes, even then in the beginning there were very few people. Disciple : Mother used to meditate with Sri Aurobindo only. Sri Aurobindo : Yes, but that was individual. She was coming to me and her position was special even from the very beginning. There was no comparison between others and Mother. There were people in the Ashram who thought that Mo
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Third Series/March 1940.htm
MARCH, 1940 Undated Disciple : Does this article show any change in Barin's attitude? Sri Aurobindo : It depends. He says what is uppermost in his mind, and what suits him at the moment, according to his moods. But it may be a change in his attitude, but difficult to say if there is any progress. The change may be due to his having failed in every thing after going from here and the Ashram growing out since. That may have impressed him. It may be due to mental causes also. Disciple : He admits that he had fallen from the path and his attitude towards Mother. Disciple : Somebody said that he used to speak highly of the Mother. Disciple : No, he was critical.