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VII MIRACLES (A) 26-3-1924 Disciple : The Puranas state that the span of life is different in different cycles. Is it a fact ?  For instance, Rama is said to have lived eleven thousand years. Sri Aurobindo : That is nothing ! (Laughter) Disciple : It seems so, for his father, Dasharatha, lived for eighty thousand years. Sri Aurobindo : So Rama was short-lived ! (Laughter). But what about their statures ? There is a story about Revati. Her father wanted to get her married and wished to consult Brahma, the creator, about it. So he went to the Brahma-loka and he was entertained with a song by an Apsara. After the song was over Brahma asked him about the object of
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Purani, A. B./English/Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo_Second Series/Movement.htm
IX MOVEMENTS 30-4-1923 Arunachal Mission of Bengal wrote a letter to Sri Aurobindo. There is going to be a world-peace organ of the Mission. The founder has been rendering spiritual help to all the movements of peace under its inspiration. Somebody is working at Rome on behalf of the Mission. Disciple : There are according to news-paper reports four­teen Avatars – incarnations – in Bengal ! Sri Aurobindo : Yes, and X suggested a committee of all the Avatars (Laughter). It was a nice idea, no doubt, but it may not turn out to be peaceful ! (Laughter) Disciple : X wanted to convert Arya into something like an Indian academy. Disciple : He also wanted to bring in