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Chali's Experience in the Matrimandir Chamber.html Chali's Experience in the Matrimandir Chamber Dec. 19, 1998 Here's the description of my experience in the (Matrimandir) chamber at the time of the surgery. I'm including a small preamble leading up to it but you don't have to include that in your copy if you prefer not to - I don't have a preference either way. I went to the Chamber at about 5:30 pm as Mom had asked me to be there during her surgery. It is not a place I visit often; only when the need or desire feels very strong. Amrit, who already knew the
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Dreams and Experiences/Dream of Dec. 29, 2001.htm
Dreamof Dec. 29, 2001 Last night I dreamed of Aurovilleand was shown the many changes that were taking place, things that wouldsurvive and others that would die off. I awoke once to write a few lines then went back to sleep where thedream continued.Each time I awokebriefly and then went to sleep I dreamed again of Auroville.There was no emotion involved, all wasvery quiet and I was shown the changes almost as a moving picture but in threedimensions. I remember especiallythe beauty of the land, the small groups of people gathered together, bothAurovilians and villagers, discussing the momentous things that werehappening. Music was also involvedbut I can recall nothing more.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Dreams and Experiences/The Cobra-Dream of 04_15_05.htm
The Cobra - Dream of 4/15/05 I awakened from a dream that was brief butstrong and exhilarating. I wasseated, probably in a cross-legged position when suddenly, but not abruptly, alarge cobra wrapped itself around my torso. I could feet it coiling around me almost like a python, ringafter ring, but with no constriction.I felt the muscles and the skin without touching it. I believe its head was behind mine withthe hood raised. There was no fearbut rather a serenity coupled with gratitude. Narad
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Dreams and Experiences/The Hawk.htm
The Hawk I have tried to recall, in a series of flashbacks from 2004, the transcendent experience I had with a red-shouldered hawk.. Today , six years later she still greets me from a high tree or circles in the sky and calls her high-pitched greeting. I reply to her whistling softly. She no longer needs food from me although at times I bring something thinking she might be hungry, but she does not take it as she is strong now and, from the sounds I have heard in early Spring, she has raised more than one family. Let me then tell this extraordinary story and then share another story that was sent to me by a friend to whom I had told of my experience, of a man and the eagle that b
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Dreams and Experiences/Two Experiences - January 2014.htm
Two Experiences - January 2014 Rickshaw Man and Dogs I saw God last night standing by his cycle rickshaw. He looked somewhat emaciated in his tattered loincloth as he bent over and gently began feeding a street dog. In front of Golconde I saw a gentle dog in his last stages of life. His black coat now nothing more than loose skin over desiccated bones which once was a fine silken black before he was abandoned. He looked at me with eyes sunk deep into his
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Dreams and Experiences/Dream of September 26 2006 - Matagiri.htm
Dream of September 26, 2006 at Matagiri – Early A.M. We were in a large room with many people. In one corner of the room was a chair for June Maher who would be speaking to us. In the opposite corner there was a piano but it had no legs, only the strings, sounding board and keyboard, and it was as if it were floating. Just above the keys a hole had been drilled in towards the strings and a mouthpiece, much like the mouthpiece of a trumpet, was inserted. Then someone blew into the hole and there was a cacophony so intense that two people ran over to the piano to dampen the strings.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Dreams and Experiences/Dream of Nov. 21, 2000.htm
Dream of Nov. 21, 2000 4:54 a.m. Awaking from a long dream in which I am trying to reach a destination at a beach town. I stop at a stand and have some bread and a cheese sandwich a man makes for me. Then his wife meets me and we talk. As I am leaving she tells me her name, Barbara, but I feel it is Rijuta. Prior to this I have been with Mother. This is the first time that I can recall clearly meeting Mother in many years. She was all tenderness as She held me and I felt Her love
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Dreams and Experiences/Seeking New Forms of ^Prayer^.htm
Seeking New Forms of ^Prayer^.htm Seeking New Forms of ‘Prayer’ A beautiful dream last night, December 28, 2012, which lasted most of the evening. In the dream I am going through nurseries/gardens in some country but I don’t know where. The people are friendly and generous in sharing. As I am walking along I see a small clump of ‘Prayer’ with lavender buds just beginning to open. The partially opened flowers are so beautiful that my heart aspires to have a few bulbs for the Matrimandir Gardens and somehow I know that even this small clump will be divided and shared. Then I find myself looking at a field where there are large white ‘Integral Prayer’ flowers, more than 4 i
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Dreams and Experiences/Bernard's experience.htm
Bernard's experience.htm Dear friends on AuroConf, For six weeks now, my mother has been lying without real consciousness in the emergency room of a clinic in her town, after a severe accident. Only the day before yesterday she has come out of it into a more norrmal clinic-room. Each day I have been travelling from my house two hours to her town and have been spending some hours near her bed, speaking to her. But as she was totally unconscious, she could of course not answer. After the first days I have tried an experience: I have prayed before her bedand asked her soul to give me an answer which could be a real evidence that the prayer was healing. Since my mother had a tube directly put into h
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Dreams and Experiences/On Mary Helen’s Passing.htm
On Mary Helen’s Passing.htm On Mary Helen's Passing February 7, 2002 I have not been quite able to capture completely the feeling I experienced looking at Mary Helen at the moment of her passing. Something wondrous yet hidden from my view lingered at the edge of my consciousness. After ten hours of watching her emptying the physical, the subdued laborious breathing, the almost quiet pain-filled gasps, the occasional deep moan as if the pain of the world had settled in that frail form, there came the moment of her departure. All stilled. Her eyes had been mere slits throughout the entire night, grad