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Imperative Importance of Child-Centered Research Child-Centered Research has so far remained greatly neglected. In contrast to this neglect, the Children's University will underline the imperative importance of research in a number of subjects centered on the care and development of the child. In fact, the most important aspect of the University will be related to Research. The subjects which are being conceived for Councils of Research will constitute the fundamental character of the University. These subjects will be pervasive in character. But there are several other themes of specific kind; they are more narrow in character and mu
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Appendix I List of the members of the Task-Force List of the members of the Task-Force (1) Professor Kireet Joshi: Chairman (2) Professor J.S. Rajput (3) Professor M. Mukhopadhyay (4) Professor Prernaben Mohite (5) Dr. Amarjit Singh (6) Shri Sanjay Nandan (7) Dr. M.P. Chhaya (8) Shri Dina Nath Batra (9) Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (10) Shri Hasmukhbhai Adhia (11) Smt. Anita Karwal (12) Shri Mukeshkumar (13) Dr. Abhaya Kashyap (14) Dr. Matthijs Cornelissen (15) Mrs. Chitwan Mittal (16)
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Extension Services Children's University is envisaged as an engine of impetus to the programs of child care and development in the whole state of Gujarat. (1)Prenatal care is the first step in the care of the child. (2)The Children's University will assist the state government to develop a scheme of organizing Tapovans in different parts of the State, which will provide to the young men and women: (a)A program of social education that will underline the importance of prenatal care of the child. (b)Time and leisure to spend in the healthy atmosphere of Tapovan, so as to experience: (i)Sacredness of the earth and nature and natural beauty;
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Observation, imagination and thinking are the first beginnings of learning. The Children's University is envisaged to have four main functions: Research, Education, Training and Extension Services. Endless Quest Research The University will, while promoting research work, lay special emphasis on the following subjects: i.Prenatal care, including care and protection of pregnancy, health and psychological and other aspects of knowledge regarding prenatal care among parents; ii.Medical knowledge and research in respect of prenatal care, midwifery and early stages of the growth of the ch
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The University could institute and develop not only research programmes at the highest levels but also utilize these programmes for developing and introducing suitable courses in psychology, sociology, medicine and pedagogy in teachers' training programmes in respect of prenatal education and education relating to development of early childhood. The University could institute, conduct and develop elementary teachers' in-service training programmes, and for that purpose, it would undertake: (a)To pool the results of research in Child education from major programme centres of education in different parts of the world. (b)To prepare teaching-learn
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Education at the Children's University One of the important functions of the Children's University will be related to Education. The question is: Education for whom? And the next question would be: What would be the content of Education? There will be several target groups for whom the Children's University will provide education. I One of the target groups will be children and students in various institutions for whom the Children's University is primarily and chiefly created. The Children's University will develop academic relationship with several suitable Shishu Vatikas, Bal Mandirs, Anganwadis and primary and secondary s
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-008_Children^s University Act.htm PART IV Acts of Gujarat Legislature and Ordinances promulgated and Regulations made by the Governor. The following Act of the Gujarat Legislature, having been assented to by the Governor on the 29th July, 2009, is hereby published for general information. H. D. VYAS, Secretary to the Government of Gujarat, Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Department. GUJARAT ACT NO. 15 OF 2009. (First published, after having received the assent of the Governor, in the "Gujarat Government Gazette," on the 31st July, 2009). AN ACT to establish the Children's University for promoting children's education
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Section -1 VISION, MISSION, OBJECTIVES Vision The vision of the children's university is threefold: a)The children of today have to be prepared to become builders of the future, - the future which would be marked by replacement of competitive individualism by the synthesis of individual liberty, collective egalitarianism and universal and spiritual fraternity; b)The future will be liberated from disabling scepticism and from comforting arrestation of quest of knowledge, and progress will be accelerated by ardent aspirations to realise higher spiritual truths and their manifestation in physical life; c)The new world