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PROGRESS in AUROVILLE   Sept 79 – No. 1   Introduction   Auroville at birth, eleven and a half years ago, was a wide expanse of barely productive farmland and overgrazed fields dotted here and there with a few isolated trees, patches of scrub jungle and cashew groves, and Scored with deepening canyons.  But there was a feeling of pregnancy in the land, people began to arrive drawn by some deep inner response to the promise and challenge of an ideal, and the manifestation of the Mother's Dream began.   The span of time from the beginning to the present has been full – comings and goings, of discovery, experimentation, learning, and growth, - the future constantly races
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Articles by Mary Helen/PROGRESS – A Note from Narad.htm
PROGRESS – A Note from Narad   Introduction   In 1979 Mary Helen began the first journal of Auroville.  She called it 'Progress'. Each day she would visit a different community where Aurovilians were beginning to settle in, creating gardens, building homes, infrastructure, planting forests, bunds to allow the rains to seep into the ground and prevent the them from washing away the topsoil into the canyons and then out to sea. These pioneers of AurovilleÕs early days spoke of their hopes and dreams for this city to be built on the ideal of human unity.  Although Mary Helen completed only four issues when it was decided that a larger newsletter should be started with a proper building an
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