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Is this the end Is this the end of all that we have been, And all we did or dreamed, - A name unremembered and a form undone, - Is this the end? A body rotting under a slab of stone Or turned to ash in fire, A mind dissolved, lost its forgotten thoughts, - Is this the end? Our little hours that were and are no more, Our passions once so high Being mocked by the still earth and calm sunshine, - Is this the end? Our yearnings for the human Godward climb Passing to other hearts Deceived, while smiles towards death and hell the world, - Is this the end? Fallen is the harp; shattered it lies and mute; Is the unseen p
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IV ON QUANTITATIVE METRE An Essay On Quantitative Metre THE REASON OF THE PAST FAILURES A definitive verdict seems to have been pronounced by the critical mind on the long-continued attempt to introduce quantitative metres into English poetry. It is evident that the attempt has failed, and it can even be affirmed that it was predestined to failure; quantitative metre is something alien to the rhythm of the language. Pure quantity, dependent primarily on the length or brevity of the vowel of the syllable, but partly also on the consonants on which the vowel sustains itself, quality as it was understood in the ancient classical languages,
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-27_A Child's Imagination.htm A Child’s Imagination O thou golden image, Miniature of bliss, Speaking sweetly, speaking meetly! Every word deserves a kiss. Strange, remote and splendid Childhood’s fancy pure Thrills to thoughts we cannot fathom, Quick felicities obscure. When the eyes grow solemn Laughter fades away, Nature of her mighty childhood Recollects the Titan play; Woodlands touched by sunlight Where the elves abode, Giant meetings, Titan greetings, Fancies of a youthful God. These are coming on thee In thy secret thought; God remembers in thy bosom All the wonders that He wrought.
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-10_The Lover's Complaint.htm The Lover's Complaint O plaintive, murmuring reed, begin thy strain; Unloose that heavenly tongue, Interpreter divine of pain; Utter thy voice, the sister of my song. Thee in the silver waters growing, Arcadian pan, strange whispers blowing Into thy delicate stops, did teach A language lovelier than speech. O plaintive, murmuring reed, begin thy strain; O plaintive, murmuring reed. Nisa to Mopsus is decreed, The moonwhite Nisa to a swarthy swain. What love-gift now shall Hope not bring? Election dwells no more with beauty's king. The wild weed now has wed the rose, Now ivy on the bramble grows; Too happy lover, fill the la
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FRAGMENTS In the silence of midnight In the silence of midnight, in the light of dawn or noontide I have heard the flutings of the Infinite, I have seen the sun-wings of the seraphs. On the boundless solitude of the mountains, on the shoreless roll of ocean Something is felt of God's vastness, floating touches of the Absolute; Momentary and immeasurable smiled the sense nature free from its limits,- A brief glimpse, a hint, it passes but the soul grows deeper, wider: God has set his mark upon the creature. In the flash or flutter of flight of bird and insect, in the passion of winged cry on the treet
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The Mahatmas KUTHUMI (This poem is purely a play of the imaginative, a poetic reconstruction of the central idea only of Mahatmahood.) The seven mountains and the seven seas Surround me. Over me the eightfold Sun Blazing with various colours – green and blue, Scarlet and rose, violet and gold and white, And the dark disk that rides in the mortal cave – Looks down on me in flame. Below spread wide The worlds of the immortals, tier on tier Like a great mountain climbing to the skies, And on their summit Shiva dwells. Of old My doings were familiar with the earth, The mortals over whom I hold control Were then my fe
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Chitrangada In Manipur upon her orient hills Chitrangada beheld intending dawn Gaze coldly in. She understood the call. The silence and in perfect pallor passed Into her heart and in herself she grew Prescient of grey realities. Rising, She gazed afraid into the opening world. Then Urjoon, felt his mighty clasp a void Empty of her he loved and, through the grey Unwilling darkness that disclosed her face, Sought out Chitrangada. "Why dost thou stand In the grey light, like one from joy cast down? O thou whose bliss is sure. Leave that grey space, Come hither." So she came and leaning down, With that strange sorrow in her eyes, replied: “Great, dou
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VI POEMS IN NEW METRES Ocean Oneness* Silence is round me, wideness ineffable; White birds on the ocean diving and wandering; A soundless sea on a voiceless heaven, Azure on azure, is mutely gazing. Identified with silence and boundlessness My spirit widens clasping the universe Till all that seemed becomes the Real, One in a mighty and single vastness. Someone broods there nameless and bodiless, Conscious and lonely; deathless and infinite, And, sole in a still eternal rapture, Gathers all things to his heart for ever. * Alcaics. Modulations are allowed, trochee or iamb in the first foot or a long monosyllable; an occasional anapae
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Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Social and Political Thought_Volume-15/The Possibility of a First Step Twoards International Unity.htm
CHAPTER XIV The Possibility of a First Step towards International Unity- Its Enormous Difficulties                                THE study of the growth of the nation-unit under the pressure indeed of a growing inner need and idea but by the agency of political, economic and social forces, forms and instruments shows us a progress that began from a loose formation in which various elements were gathered together for unification, proceeded through a period of strong concentration and coercion in which the conscious national ego was developed, fortified and provided with a centre and instruments of its organic life and