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ISHA UPANISHAD Isha Upanishad ALL THAT IS WORLD IN THE UNIVERSE THE Sanscrit word जगत्is in origin a reduplicated and therefore frequentative participle from the root, गम् to go. It signifies "that which is in perpetual motion", and implies in its neuter form the world, universe, and in its feminine form the earth. World therefore is that which eternally vibrates, and the Hindu idea of the cosmos reduces itself to a harmony of eternal vibrations; form as we see it is simply the varying combination of different vibrations as they affect us through our perceptions and establish themselves (to) in the concept. So far then Hinduism
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The Bagbazar Meeting WE DO not clearly understand what has been gained by the Bagbazar meeting held on Sunday under the auspices of the leading lights of Bengal. There were one or two speeches made which said certain obvious things and there were certain resolutions passed in which we condoled, sympathised, demanded and protested. But when the meeting dispersed, we were not one whit more forward than we had been a few hours before. What we want to know, what the country wants to know, is not what we think, - there is no doubt or difference of opinion about that, everybody is thinking the same thing, - but what are we going to do? The right of public meeting is to be a
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More Lessons from Camilla THE fresh disturbances in Tipperah are only so many more arguments for an organised League of Mutual peference throughout Bengal. Mere individual or local self-protection will not meet the exigencies of the situation. In the towns where the educated community is strong and compact and there rare a number of active and spirited young men, the nationalist ,may be able to hold his own against riot and outrage, official or unofficial, though even here help from outside may become increasingly necessary; but in villages where the educated class is not represented, the need for immediate assistance from outside is imperative. The educated cl
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SUPPLEMENT TO VOLUME 8 TRANSLATIONS These Sayings from the Mahabharata appeared in the daily Bande Mataram of September 1, 1906. They are given here as probably from Sri Aurobindo's pen. Sayings from the Mahabharata IN THAT inexhaustible treasure-house of wisdom, the Mahabharata, sayings of profoundest wisdom are scattered with a lavish hand. Some are worldly-wise, others show how highly Truth was valued, others again for tenderness and the spirit of forgiveness would compare favourably with the wise sayings of any language in the world. As specimens we translate a few at random:- Men full of guile and guileless people, good and bad men, m
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SUPPLÉMENT TO VOLUME 17 THE HOUR OF GOD AND OTHER WRITINGS l. Bankim Chandra first appeared in the daily Bande Mataram of April 22, 1907. We did not include it previously because we were uncertain about its authorship. We find, however, that it is included in a list of articles identified as Sri Aurobindo's by Upendranath Bannerji, an associate of Sri Aurobindo on the Bande Mataram staff. 2. Sapta-chatushtaya consists of mantras received by Sri Aurobindo in the Alipore Jail in 1908 - 1909. These mantras along with the notes which accompany them were written down by Sri Aurobindo, probably after his release from prison in May, 1909, and certainly before his
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-14_Last Friday's Folly.htm Last Friday's Folly EVEN at the risk of being branded as social reactionaries, we must, we feel, enter our protest against the notions and ideals that lay, evidently, under the so-called national dinner, celebrated at the Albert Hall on Friday last. The function, in itself, was too insignificant to deserve any notice: Two hundred and fifty men and boys meeting and dining together in public, regardless of caste-restrictions and old orthodoxy, is not even a new thing in Calcutta Society. Hindus and Mahomedans had dined publicly in Calcutta, on special occasions, before now. Dinners had repeatedly been given at the India Club in honour of prominent members in which me
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                          Sayaji Rao Gaekwar, the Maharaja of Baroda with the members of his family and some of the officers of the State. Sri Aurobindo is reported to be standing third from the right. NOTE   As the present publication of Sri Aurobindo's Collected Works progressed, a considerable amount of new material came to light. Wherever it was possible some of this material was included in the volumes assigned to the concerned subject. However, even after this a good deal remained and to accommodate it some of the volumes had to be
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Government by Panic ONE does not know precisely how to take the extraordinary accounts of the charges against Lala Lajpatrai and the panic among Europeans which have been reaching us from the North. We used to think the English deficient in imagination, but the vivid and fluorescent powers of fancy which this panic has revealed, puts all our preconceived ideas to rout. Not only have the Government given vent t6 an outburst of poetical fancy beyond all parallel but they have insisted on staging and enacting their dramatic creation in real life. Sir Denzil Ibbetson reminds us of that great aesthetic realist, Nero, who made slaves and prisoners enact the parts of class
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Partition and the Government THE situation in the country is such that the Government will be bound before long to devise some effective means to meet it, and what can that means be except the revocation or some material modification of the Partition of Bengal which is the apparent cause of the present crisis. The Government must have seen already that without some such revocation or modification of the administrative arrangements in Bengal, as will reunite at least the Bengalee-speaking populations of the province under one local Government, the present discontent will not be allayed. They have tried many things during the last twelve months; - persecution
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SUPPLEMENTTO VOLUME 15 SOCIAL AND POLITICAL THOUGHT Preface to the first edition (1919) of THE IDEAL OF HUMAN UNITY Preface * THE chapters of this book were written in a serial form in the pages of the monthly review, Arya, and from necessity of speedy publication have been reprinted as they stood without the alterations which would have been necessary to give them a greater unity of treatment. They reflect the rapidly changing phases of ideas, facts and possibilities which emerged in the course of the European conflict. The earlier chapters were written when Russia was still an Empire and an autocracy, the latter parts