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Appendix 2 List of Citations Appearing in The Life Divine Rig Veda 9.68.5 19:919 4. 5. 15,7 18: 524 9.70.1 19:919 5. 5. 1 18: 596 1. 10. 1,2 18 :252 9.70.3 19:1015 1. 10.2 19:702 9.83.3 18:112 Chhandogya Upanishad 1.22.17-21 18 :198 9.86.42 19:1015 1. 23.5 19:919 9.96.18,19 18:198 6.2.1 18:71 1.24.7,11,15 19:889
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Translations: Title Index Only the translations in Volume 8, Translations, are listed here; therefore only the page number has been given. Title or First Line Author or Text Language Page The Abomination of Wickedness Bhartrihari Sanskrit 190 Action be Man's God Bhartrihari Sanskrit 199 Adornment Bhartrihari Sanskrit 188 Advice to a King Bhartrihari Sanskrit 180 Age and Genius Bhartrihari Sanskrit 177 Ah how shall I her lovel
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INDEX AND GLOSSARY Note on the Centenary Library The SRI AUROBINDO BIRTH CENTENARY LIBRARY comprises all writings of Sri Aurobindo which were available at the time of publication. All his major works without exception have been included; there may be some manuscript writings and letters which still await discovery. The scheme of arrangement of the Centenary Library is basically chronological, but other factors besides date of composition and publication have been given consideration. Volumes 1 and 2 contain Sri Aurobindo's early political writings and speeches, from the periods 1893-1908 and 1909-1910 respectively.¹ Volume 3 consists of Sri
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Periodicals WITH WHICH SRI AUROBINDO WAS ASSOCIATED Arranged Chronologically Indu Prakash English-Marathi Weekly Bombay Yugantar Bengali Weekly Calcutta Bande Mataram English Daily/Weekly Calcutta Karmayogin English Weekly Calcutta Dharma Bengali Weekly Calcutta Sri Aurobindo contributed two series of articles to this newspaper, which was edited by his Cambridge friend K. G. Deshpande. New Lamps for Old appeared in nine instalments from August 7, 1893 to March 5,'1894. This series was preceded by another political article, "India and the British Parliament" (June 26, 1
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ESSAYS, SPEECHES AND OTHER SHORTER WORKS The following is a list of shorter writings and speeches by Sri Aurobindo. Only selected writings have been included from Volume 1 (Bande Mataram) and Volume 2 (Karmayogiri). About Astrology [Review] Academic Thoughts Advice to National College Students [Speech] After the War The Age of Kalidasa All-Will and Free-Will Andal — The Vaishnava Poetess Animal Souls, Subtle Bodies Arguments to The Life Divine Art "Arya" — Its Significance The "Arya's" Fourth Year The "Arya's" Second Year The Ascending Unity Asiatic Democracy . The Asiatic Role At the
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SRI AUROBINDO LIFE AND WORKS SriAurobindo SRI AUROBINDO was born in Calcutta on August 15, 1872. In 1879, at the age of seven, he was taken with his two elder brothers to England for education and lived there for fourteen years. Brought up at first in an English family at Manchester, he joined St. Paul's School in London in 1884 and in 1890 went from it with a senior classical scholarship to King's College, Cambridge, where he studied for two years. In 1890 he passed also the open competition for the Indian Civil Service, but at the end of two years of probation failed to present himself at the riding examination and was disqualified for the Se