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MRIDIKA VASISHTHA sukta 150 Already kindled thou art kindled again for the gods, O carrier of the offering, come along with the sons of Aditi and with the Rudras and with the Shining Ones, come to us for grace. Accepting this sacrifice, this word come to us, we who are mortals call thee, O high-kindled Fire, we call thee for grace. Thee I voice with my thought, the knower of all things born, in whom are all desirable things, O Fire, bring to us the gods whose law of working is dear to
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MANDALA SEVEN VASISHTHA MAITRAVARUNI SUKTA 1 Men have brought to birth from the two tinders by the handsʼ fall the Fire voiced by the light of their meditations;¹ Fire that sees afar the flaming master of the house. The Shining Ones² have set within in our dwelling-house closely regarding all to guard us from whatever side — that Fire which in his home sits eternal and all-discerning. Verily shine out in front of us, O Fire, with thy perpetual radiance; to thee continuous come plenitudes. Fires come blazing out supremely from thy Fires
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VIRUPA ANGIRASA sukta 43 Him pray our words, even these lauds of Fire, the illumined seer, the creator, invincible in his sacrifice. Such art thou for whom I bring to birth perfect laud and glad is thy response, O seeing Fire, O knower of all things born! Oh, like jets of light thy keen energies of flame devour with their teeth the woods. Bright, with smoke for their flag against heaven, urged by the winds, labour separate thy fires. Page – 342 These are those separate fires of thine that kindled are
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VISHWAWARA SUKTA 28 The Flame of Will burning high rises to his pure light in the heaven of mind; wide he extends his illumination and fronts the Dawn. She comes, moving upward, laden with all desirable things, seeking the gods with the oblation, luminous with the clarity. When thou bumest high thou art king of immortality and thou cleavest to the doer of sacrifice to give him that blissful state; he to whom thou comest to be his guest, holds in himself all substance and he sets thee within in his front. O Flame, put forth thy battling might for a vast enjoyment²
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DEVAS AND AGNI SAUCHIKA sukta 51 Large was the covering and it was dense in which thou wert wrapped when thou didst enter into the waters; one was the god who saw thee but many and manifold were thy bodies which he saw, O Fire, O knower of all things born. Which of the gods was he who saw everywhere my bodies in many forms ? O Mitra and Varuna, where then dwell all the blazings of the Fire which are paths of the gods ? We desire thee, O Fire, O knower of all things born, when thou hast entered manifoldly into the growths of the earth an
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gathina vishwamitra SUKTA 24 O Fire, overpower the hostile armies, hurl them from us; hard to pierce, pierce the enemy-powers, found thy splendour in him who carries through the sacrifice. O Fire, thou art kindled by the word of revelation, the immortal who comes to the offering, accept wholly our pilgrim-sacrifice. O Fire, ever-wakeful with thy light, O son of force, invoked sit on my seat of sacrifice. Page – 147 O Fire, with all thy divine fires greaten in our sacrifi
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HAVIRDHANA ANGI sukta 11 Mighty from the mighty, strong and inviolable, he milked by the milking of heaven the streams of the Indivisible; Varuna knew all by his right thought. A lord of sacrifice, may he perform the order of the rites of the sacrifice. May the Gandharvi speak to me and the Woman born from the Waters, may her protection be around my mind midst the roar of the river; may the indivisible mother establish us in the heart of our desire: my brother the greatest¹ and first declares it to me. She the happy, and opulent and glorious, dawn has shone
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ISHA SUKTA 7 O comrades, in you an integral force and complete laud to Fire the most powerful among the peoples, to the Page –215 mighty child of energy. Whom wheresoever they come into contact with, him men who have the power rapturously set alight in this house of man and all beings born strive to bring to birth. Whenso we win completely the impulsions of force, completely the offerings human beings must give, then he gathers to himself the Ray of the light and the might and the Truth. Yea, he creates the light of intuition even for one who is far off in the
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PRAYASWATS SUKTA 20 Page –232 O Fire, O thou who art most strong to conquer the plenitudes, the wealth which thou boldest in mind that make full of inspiration by the words and set it to work in the gods as our ally. They have grown on thy forceful strength, O Fire, yet impel us not on the way, they fall away and cleave to the hostility, cleave to the crookedness of one who has a law alien to thine. Thee, O Fire, the ancient one, we choose in our sacrifices as the Priest of the call, one who accomplishes a discerning knowledge,