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Loyalty and Disloyalty in East Bengal THE Englishman and those who are evidently anxious to set the machinery of relentless state prosecutions against the leaders of the present national movement in this province, need not take so much trouble to prove that there is considerable disaffection and disloyalty in East Bengal which ought at once to be put down with a strong hand. Our contemporary must be far more simple-minded than what one should expect him to be, judging both from his general education and experience and his position as an intelligent observer and critic of current affairs, if he ever thought that there could be any real affection a
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Partition and Petition THERE seems to be a recrudescence of the and decadent praying mood once again in certain quarters, and attempts, we understand, are being made to induce the leaders of public opinion in the mofussil to join the Calcutta clique for sending a fresh representation to the Secretary of State for India for the revocation or modification of the Partition of Bengal. The recent reply of the British Prime Minister to a question put to him by Mr. O'Donnell seems to be partly responsible for recrudescence, which, we understand, however, is mainly due towire-pulling from Palace Chambers. Some of our own countrymen now in England also seem to be playing i
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Letter to his Father-in-law Pondicherry the 19th February, 1919 My dear Father-in-law, I have not written to you with regard to this fatal event in both our lives: words are useless in face of the feelings it has caused, if even they can ever express our deepest emotions. God has seen good to lay upon me the one sorrow that could still touch me to the centre. He knows better than ourselves what is best for each of us, and now that the first sense of the irreparable has passed, I can bow with submission to his divine purpose. The physical tie between us is, as you say, severed; but the tie of affection subsists for me. Where I have once loved, I do
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Supplement_Volume-27/World's Delight.htm
-37_World's Delight.htm World's Delight World's delight, spring's sweetness, music's charm Lie within my arm. Earth that is and heaven to come are here with me Mastered on my knee. Open thy red petals, shrinking rose, And thy heart disclose. Pant thy fragrance up to me, O my delight, All the perfumed night. Thou possessed and I possessing, earth Opened for our mirth. Flowers dropping on us from delighted trees, Revels of the breeze, All for me because I hold their Circe, white Queen of their delight. Wanton, thou shalt know at last a chain Golden to restrain. Not a minute of thee shall escape my kiss, Captive made to bliss, Not a wandering breath but love s
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Supplement_Volume-27/Letter to Annandarao.htm
Letter to Anandarao [June, 1912?] Dear Anandarao, My Bengal correspondent writes to me that you have sent me the following message, "The Baroda friend has left service and therefore there is difficulty in finding money. He asks, now you have become a Sannyasin, on what ground he can collect money. Still, if you let him know clearly your future, the time it will take to effect your Siddhi and the amount of money you need, he will try to collect from Rs.600 to 1000." I cannot understand why on earth people should make up their minds that I have become a Sannyasin! I have even made it clear enough in the public Press that I have not taken Sannyasa but am practising Yog
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-40_To My Brother (Mannohan Ghose).htm SUPPLEMENT TO VOLUME 9 THEFUTURE POETRY LETTERSONPOETRY, LITERATUREANDART This letter addressed by Sri Aurobindo to his poet-brother Manmohan Ghose, was found in a typewritten form among his manuscripts. The spellings of proper names have been maintained as found in the typed copy. Page-145 Purānamityeva na sādhu sarvam, Na cāpi kāvyam navamityavadyam: Santah pariksyānyatarad bhajante: Mūdah parapratyayaneyabuddhi. Kalidasa Not everything that is old is good, Nor is a poem therefore faulty because it is new: Good critics
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MESSAGE The first message 'on National Education was given for the National Education Week and it was published in the New India of April 8, 1918, edited by Dr. Annie Besant. The second message was given on October 1, 1932 for Suddhananda Bharathi's book Sri Aurobindo Prakasham in Tamil. National Education MESSAGE FOR NATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK NATIONAL Education is, next to Self- Government and along with it, the deepest and most immediate need of the country, and it is a matter of rejoicing for one to whom an earlier effort in that direction gave the first opportunity for identifying himself with the larger life and hope of the Nation,
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Supplement_Volume-27/A Hymn to Agni (Mandala-1, Sukta-74).htm
-44_A Hymn to Agni (Mandala-1, Sukta-74).htm SUPPLEMENT TO VOLUME 11 HYMNS TO THE MYSTIC FIRE 1. The following two versions of Hymns to Agni- Mandala I Sukta 74 - were found in Sri Aurobindo's manuscripts, one a translation and the other an inter- pretative paraphrase. 2. Among Sri Aurobindo's Notes on Vedic Hymns was found this valuable exercise of a translation of a Hymn according to Sayana followed by a rendering of his own. A HYMN TO AGNI MANDALA I, SUKTA 74 1. As we move forward to the path of the sacrifice (Alternative reading: pilgrim) let us speak out the word of our thought to Agni who hears us from afar and from within. 2. He who supreme (a
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Supplement_Volume-27/Korea O Japan.htm
Korea O Japan Page - 122 Page - 123 Page - 124
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Supplement_Volume-27/The Life Divine-A Commentary on the Isha Upanishad.htm
"THE LIFE DIVINE" A COMMENTARY ON THE ISHA UPANISHAD Foreword VEDA and Vedanta are the inexhaustible fountains of Indian spirituality. With knowledge or without knowledge every creed in India, each school of philosophy, out- burst of religious life, great or petty, brilliant or obscure, draws its springs of life from these ancient and ever-flowing waters. Conscious or unwitting each Indian religionist stirs to a vibration that reaches him from those far off ages. Darshana and Tantra and Purana, Shaivism and Vaishnavism, orthodoxy or heresy are merely so many imperfect understandings of Vedic truth or misunderstandings of each othe