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Canto Two The Kingdom of Subtle Matter In the impalpable field of secret self, This little outer being's vast support Parted from vision by earth's solid fence, He came into a magic crystal air And found a life that lived not by the flesh, A light that made visible immaterial things. A fine degree in wonder's hierarchy, The kingdom of subtle Matter's faery craft Outlined against a sky of vivid hues, Leaping out of a splendour-trance and haze, The wizard revelation of its front. A world of lovelier f
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Savitri_Volume-28/Book 2 Canto 01 The World-Stair.htm
Book Two The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds Canto One The World-Stair Alone he moved watched by the infinity Around him and the Unknowable above. All could be seen that shuns the mortal eye, All could be known the mind has never grasped; All could be done no mortal will can dare. A limitless movement filled a limitless peace. In a profound existence beyond earth's, Parent or kin to our ideas and dreams Where Space is a vast experiment of the soul, In a deep oneness of all things that are, The univer
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Savitri_Volume-28/Book 2 Canto 06 The Kingdoms and Godheads.htm
Canto Six The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Life As one who between dim receding walls Towards the far gleam of a tunnel's mouth, Hoping for light, walks now with freer pace And feels approach a breath of wider air, So he escaped from that grey anarchy. Into an ineffectual world he came, A purposeless region of arrested birth Where being from non-being fled and dared To live but had no strength long to abide. Above there gleamed a pondering brow of sky Tormented, crossed by wings of doubtful haze Adventuring with a voice of roaming winds And crying for a direction in the void Like blind sou
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Savitri_Volume-28/Book 1 Canto 03 The Yoga of the King.htm
Canto Three The Yoga of the King: The Yoga of the Soul's Release A world's desire compelled her mortal birth. One in the front of the immemorial quest, Protagonist of the mysterious play In which the Unknown pursues himself through forms And limits his eternity by the hours And the blind Void struggles to live and see, A thinker and toiler in the ideal's air, Brought down to earth's dumb need her radiant power. His was a spirit that stooped from larger spheres Into our province of ephemeral sight, A colonist from immortality. A pointing beam on earth's uncertain roads, His birth held up a symbol and a
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Savitri_Volume-28/Book 3 Canto 03 The House of the Spirit and the New Creation.htm
Canto Three The House of the Spirit and the New Creation A mightier task remained than all he had done. To that he turned from which all being comes, A sign attending from the Secrecy Which knows the Truth ungrasped behind our thoughts And guards the world with its all-seeing gaze. In the unapproachable stillness of his soul, Intense, one-pointed, monumental, lone, Patient he sat like an incarnate hope Motionless on a pedestal of prayer. A Strength he sought that was not yet on earth, Help from a Power too great for mortal will, The Light of a Truth now only seen afar, A sanction f
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Savitri_Volume-28/Book 1 Canto 05 The Yoga of the King.htm
Canto Five The Yoga of the King: The Yoga of the Spirit's Freedom and Greatness This knowledge first he had of time-born men. Admitted through a curtain of bright mind That hangs between our thought and absolute sight, He found the occult cave, the mystic door Near to the well of vision in the soul, And entered where the Wings of Glory brood In the sunlit space where all is for ever known. Indifferent to doubt and to belief, Avid of the naked real's single shock He shore the cord of mind that ties the earth
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Savitri_Volume-28/Boo k 2 Canto 12 The Heavens of the Ideal.htm
Canto Twelve The Heavens of the Ideal Always the Ideal beckoned from afar. Awakened by the touch of the Unseen, Deserting the boundary of things achieved, Aspired the strong discoverer, tireless Thought, Revealing at each step a luminous world. It left known summits for the unknown peaks: Impassioned, it sought the lone unrealised Truth, It longed for the Light that knows not death and birth. Each stage of the soul's remote ascent was built Into a constant heaven felt always here. At each pace of the journey marvellous A new degree of wonder and of bliss, A new rung formed in Being's mighty stair, A g
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Savitri_Volume-28/Book 1 Canto 01 The Symbol Dawn.htm
PART ONE (Books I–III) Book One The Book of Beginnings Canto One The Symbol Dawn It was the hour before the Gods awake. Across the path of the divine Event The huge foreboding mind of Night, alone In her unlit temple of eternity, Lay stretched immobile upon Silence' marge. Almost one felt, opaque, impenetrable, In the sombre symbol of her eyeless muse The abysm of the unbodied Infinite; A fathomless zero occupied the world. A power of fallen boundless self awake Between the first and the last Nothingness, Recalling the tenebrous womb from which it came, Turned from the insol
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Savitri_Volume-28/Book 2 Canto 03 The Glory and the Fall of Life.htm
Canto Three The Glory and Fall of Life An uneven broad ascent now lured his feet. Answering a greater Nature's troubled call He crossed the limits of embodied Mind And entered wide obscure disputed fields Where all was doubt and change and nothing sure, A world of search and toil without repose. As one who meets the face of the Unknown, A questioner with none to give reply, Attracted to a problem never solved, Always uncertain of the ground he trod, Always drawn on to an inconstant goal He travelled through a land peopled by doubts In shifting confines on a quaking base. In front h
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