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September I, 1914 O MOTHER Divine, with what fervour, what ardent love I came to Thee in Thy deepest consciousness, in Thy high status of sublime love and perfect felicity, and I nestled so close into Thy arms and loved Thee with so intense a love that I became altogether Thyself. Then in the silence of our mute ecstasy a voice from yet profounder depths arose and the voice said, "Turn towards those who have need of thy love." All the grades of consciousness appeared, all the successive worlds. Some were splendid and luminous, well ordered and clear, there Knowledge was resplendent. Expression was harmonious and vast. Will was potent and invincible. Then the worlds darke
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Other Editions/Prayers and Meditations 1948/June 1914.htm
June l, 1914 VICTORIOUS power of divine Love, Thou art the sovereign Master of this world. Thou art its creator and saviour; Thou hast made it arise from chaos, and now Thou leadest it towards its eternal ends. There is nothing humble but that I see Thee shining in it, no being so hostile in appearance to Thy will but that I feel Thee living, acting, radiating Thy light in it. O my sweet Master who art the very essence of this love, I am Thy heart, and the torrents of Thy love pass through my entire being in order to awaken Thy love in everything or rather to awaken everything to the consciousness of Thy love which animates all. Those who recognise Thee not, thos
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Other Editions/Prayers and Meditations 1948/October 1914.htm
October 5, 1914 IN the calm silence of Thy contemplation, O Divine Master, Nature is fortified and tempered anew. All principle of individuality is overpassed, she is plunged in Thy infinity that allows oneness to be realised in all domains without confusion, without disorder. The combined harmony of that which persists, that which progresses and that which eternally is, is little by little accomplished in an always more complex, more extended and more lofty equilibrium. And this interchange of the three modes of life allows the plenitude of the manifestation. Many seek Thee at this hour in anguish and incertitude. May I be their mediator with Thee that Thy Light may il
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Other Editions/Prayers and Meditations 1948/August 1914.htm
August 2, 1914 WHAT are these powerful gods whose hour of manifestation upon earth has come, if not the modes, various and perfectly accomplished, of Thy infinite action, O Thou Master of all things, who art Page - 165 Being and Non-Being and That which is beyond them, Marvellous Unknowable, our Sovereign Lord. What are all these brilliant and multiple intellectual activities, these innumerable rays of the sun illumining, conceiving and fashioning all forms, if not one of the modes of being of Thy infinite Will, one of the means of Thy manifestation, O Thou who art Master of our destiny. Sole Unthinkable Reality, Sovereign Lord of all that is and all
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Other Editions/Prayers and Meditations 1948/December 1914.htm
December 4, 1914 AFTER long days of silence, wholly occupied with external work, it has at last been given to me to resume these pages and continue with Thee, O Lord, this conversation which is so sweet to me. But Thou hast broken all my habits, for Thou wouldst prepare me for a liberation from all mental form. Some mental forms, more particularly powerful or adapted to the temperament, are sure guides to sovereign experiences. But once the 'experiences are made. Thy will is that they should be free in themselves from the slavery of any mental form, however high or pure it may be, so that they can express themselves in the new form which is the most true, that is to sa
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May 2, 1914 BEYOND all human conceptions, even the most marvellous, beyond all human feelings, even the dost sublime, beyond the most magnificent aspirations and the purest elans, beyond Love, Knowledge and the Unity of the Being, I would enter into a constant communion with Thee, O Lord. Free from all trammels, I shall be Thyself; it will be Thou seeing the world through this body; it will be Thou acting in the world through this instrument. In me is the calm serenity of perfect certitude. Page - 103 May 3, 1914 O LOVE divine. Knowledge supreme, perfect Unity, at each moment of the day I call to Thee so that I may be nothing else but only Thou! May
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Other Editions/Prayers and Meditations 1948/1916.htm
January 15, 1916 O THOU whom I can call my God, Thou who art the personal form of the eternal Transcendent, cause, source and reality of my individual being, who Page - 242 throughout the centuries and the millenniums hast slowly and subtly kneaded this Matter that one day it might consciously be identified with Thee and no longer aught else than Thou; O Thou who hast appeared to me in all Thy divine splendour—this individual being in all its complexity offers itself to Thee in an act of supreme adoration; it aspires in its entirety to be identified with Thee, eternally Thou, merged for ever in Thy reality. But is it ready for that? Is Thy work wholly accomplished? Is the
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Other Editions/Prayers and Meditations 1948/1913.htm
February 5, 1913 THY voice is heard as a melodious chant in the stillness of my heart, and is translated in my head by words which are inadequate and yet replete with Thee. And these words are addressed to the Earth and say to her: "Poor sorrowful Earth, remember Page - 10 that I am present in thee and lose not hope; each effort, each grief, each joy and each pang, each call of thy heart, each aspiration of thy soul, each renewal of thy seasons, all, all without exception, what seems to thee sorrowful and what seems to thee joyous, what seems to thee ugly and what seems to thee beautiful, all infallibly lead thee towards me, who am endless Peace, shadowless Light, perfect Har
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Other Editions/Prayers and Meditations 1948/March I914.htm
March I, 1914 IT is in oneself that there are all the obstacles, it is in oneself that there are all the difficulties, it is in oneself that there is all the darkness and ignorance. Even if we were to travel across the whole earth, bury ourselves in some solitary place, break with all our habits, lead the most ascetic life, still u some bond of illusion held back the consciousness far from Thy absolute consciousness, if some egoistic attachment deprived us of the integral communion With Thy divine Love, we should be no nearer to Thee! whatever might be the outer circumstances. Are there even circumstances more or less favourable? I doubt it is the idea we form of them which ena