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Transformation We want an integral transformation, the transformation of the body and all its activities. But there is an absolutely indispensable first step that must be accomplished before anything else can be undertaken: the transformation of the consciousness. The starting-point is of course the aspiration for this transformation and the will to realise it; without that nothing can be done. But if in addition to the aspiration there is an inner opening, a kind of receptivity, then one can enter into this transformed consciousness at a single stroke and maintain oneself there. This change of consciousness is abrupt, so to say; when it occurs, it occurs all of a sudden, alth
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THE ASCENT TO TRUTH  A Drama of Life in a Prologue, Seven Stages and an Epilogue   PERSONS OF THE DRAMA             The Philanthropist             The Pessimist The Scientist The Artist Three Students Two Lovers The Ascetic                                                                               Two Aspirants Prologue: In the Artist's studio, preliminary meeting. Seven stages of the ascent, of which the seventh is at the summit. Epilogue: The new world. Page – 503 Prologue In the Artist's studio Evening, at night-fall; the end of a meeting held by a small group of people unit
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IV A GLIMPSE OF MOTHER'S WORK IN THE SCHOOL (1)                                   FRENCH IN THE ASHRAM AND THE SCHOOL (Two or three teachers were having a discussion about the language of instruction in the school. Their discus- sion was submitted to Mother with the remark:)  Sri Aurobindo says in his book on education that the child should be taught in his mother-tongue. Sri Aurobindo did say that, but he also said many other things which complete his advice and abolish all possibility of dogmatism. Sri Aurobindo himself has often repeated that if one affirms one thing, one should be able to affirm its opposite; oth
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Helping Humanity             For those who practise the integral Yoga, the welfare of humanity can be only a consequence and a result, it cannot be the aim. And if all the efforts to improve human conditions have miserably failed in the end in spite of all the ardour and enthusiasm and self-consecration they have inspired at first, it is precisely because the transformation of the conditions of human life can be achieved by another preliminary transformation, the transformation of the human consciousness or at least of a few exceptional individuals capable of laying the foundations for a more widespread transformation. But we shall return to this subject later on; it w
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-73_The-Great-Secret-(a).htm The Great Secret Six Monologues and a Conclusion by  The Mother in collaboration with NOLINI (The Writer) PAVITRA (The Scientist) ANDRE (The Industrialist) PRANAB (The Athlete) LETTER OF THE  MOTHER  CONCERNING THE GREAT SECRET My dear Andre,  I know that you are a very busy man and that you do not have much time to spare. However, I am going to ask you to do something for me and I hope that it will be possible for you to do it.  The thing is this.  For the first of December I am preparing something which does not fall into any category of dramatic art and which certainly cannot be called a play, but, n
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PART  THREE DRAMAS TOWARDS   THE    FUTURE A one-act play in prose that can be staged in any country, with small changes in the details of the presentation which local custom may require. PERSONS OF THE DRAMA SHE THE POET THE CLAIRVOYANT THE PAINTER THE SCHOOLFRIEND Page – 453 Towards the Future  As the curtain rises, She and the School friend are sit- ting side by side on the sofa. SHE  How nice of you to come and see me after such a long time...I thought you had forgotten me. SCHOOLFRIEND     Certainly not. But I had lost trace of you and did not know where to find you. And now that I h
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-61_Correspondence-(a).htm Correspondence (a) Why are no diplomas and certificates given to the students of the Centre of Education? For the last hundred years or so mankind has been suffering from a disease which seems to be spreading more and more and which has reached a climax in our times; it is what we may call “utilitarianism”. People and things, circumstances and activities seem to be viewed and appreciated exclusively from this angle. Nothing has any value unless it is useful. Certainly something that is useful – is better than something that is not. But first we must agree on what we describe as useful, useful to whom, to what, for what? For, more and more, the races who consider
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Replies to Prayers of the Physical Education Groups1  GROUP A Sweet Mother, for us Thou hast kept the path free from all dangers and difficulties, the path that surely leads to the goal; and when the final victory will be won, it will reach out to infinity. Mother, keep us always green, so that we may ad- vance without stop on the road Thou hast with such labour prepared for us. My little ones, you are the hope, you are the future. Keep always this youth which is the faculty to progress; for you the phrase “it is impossible” will have no meaning.  22 April 1949  * GROUP B Sweet Mother, we want to be Thy faithful soldie
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National Education Our aim is not a national system of education for India, but an education for the world at large.   Sublime Mother, Our aim is no exclusive national system of edu- cation for India but an essential and fundamental edu- cation for all mankind. But, is it not true, Mother, that this education, because of India's special fitness (by virtue of its past cultural striving and attainment), is India's privilege and special responsibility towards herself and the world? At any rate, this essential edu- cation is India's national education to my mind. In fact, I regard this as the national education of each great country with