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Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/1 Jan to 22 Feb 1969.htm
1 January 1969 About the descent of what Mother later identified as the superman consciousness (la conscience du surhomme). In the night it came slowly and on waking up this morning, there was as though a golden dawn, and the atmosphere was so light. The body felt: “Well, it is truly, truly new.'' A golden light, transparent and... benevolent. “Benevolent'' in the sense of a certainty – a harmonious certainty. It was new. There you are. And when I say “Bonne année” to people, it is this which I pass on to them. And this morning, I have passed my time like this, spontaneously, saying: “Bonne année, Bonne année.'' So... Page – 14
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/2 Aprl to 6 May 1972.htm
2 April 1972 Extracts from a conversation with some disciples. Mother spoke the first four paragraphs in English. For centuries and centuries humanity has waited for this time. It is come. But it is difficult. I don't simply tell you we are here upon earth to rest and enjoy ourselves, now is not the time for that. We are here ... to prepare the way for the new creation. The body has some difficulty, so I can't be active, alas. It is not because I am old, I am not old. I am not old, I am younger than most of you. If I am here inactive, it is because the body has given itself definitely to prepare the transformation. But the consciousness is clear an
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/7 Feb to 10 Mar 1973.htm
7 February 1973 On Mother's message of 31 December 1972. “There is only one solution for falsehood. “It is to cure in ourselves all that contradicts in our consciousness the Presence of the Divine.” Yes, I insist on that; it is very true, very true. It may not be easy to understand, but it is a very profound truth. All that veils and deforms and prevents the manifestation of the Divine in us: it is that, the falsehood. It is quite a labour! This is what I have been doing all the while – every day and the whole day long, even while I see people. It is the only thing worth living for. Page - 331 10 March 1973
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/4 June to 18 Oct 1969.htm
4 June 1969 I looked into the matter a great deal after you left me last time, the whole day.... There is some sense that that¹ would be a wonderful solution. When you said it, something became concrete all of a sudden. But there was no personal sense within... the body has none at all, at all, no ambition or desire whatsoever or even aspiration to become that, but there was only a kind of delight in the possibility of “that'' being done; if it were done, it matters not who or where or how: only let that be done. And I looked at it with very, very close attention; not for a moment was there the idea: “It must be this'' (Mother pinches her skin with her fingers), you un
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/11 Jan to 22 May 1971.htm
11 January 1971 After a long physical trial of about a month and a half, Mother made the following com- ments, which were noted down from memory by a disciple. In physical vision a much more continued concentration is needed. Physical sight serves to stabilise. It gives a continuity to things. It is the same thing with regard to hearing. So, when they are not there any more, one becomes directly conscious of the thing, and that gives the true knowledge. The Supramental will surely act in that way. Physical sight and hearing have been thrown into the background to make room for identification by consciousness, for the sake of the
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/28 Sept to 30 Sep 1966.htm
28 September 1966 Why is there suffering? How to cure suffering? For a long time quite recently, that is to say, for days together, there was a very acute, very intense, very clear perception that the action of the Force translated itself externally by what we call “suffering'' because that is the only kind of vibration which can pull Matter out of its inertia. The supreme Peace, the supreme Calm are deformed and disfigured into inertia and into tamas, and precisely because this was the deformation of true Peace and Calm, there was no reason why it should change! A certain vibration of awakening ― of reawakening – was necessary to come out of this tamas, tha
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/19 Nov 1969.htm
19 November 1969 This morning about eight o'clock, I could have said many things.... Because there came a day when many problems had cropped up as a consequence of something that had happened, then this morning (towards the end of the night), I had the experience that was the explanation. And for two hours I lived in an absolutely clear perception (not a thought: a clear perception) of the why and how of creation. It was so luminous, so clear; it was irrefutable. It lasted at least for four or five hours and then it petered out; gradually the experience diminished in intensity and clarity.... I had just seen many people, then... it is difficult to explain now. But all had become
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/24 June to 15 Nov 1967.htm
24 June 1967 Many things to say, but... it is better to come to the end. It is a curve. Better to reach the end. It is too early to speak. (After a silence) The movements of the body almost in their totality are habitual movements. Behind, there is the consciousness of the physical mind (what I call the “cellular mind''), which is itself constantly conscious of the divine Presence and is keen on accepting nothing but That; so a whole work is going on for changing, shifting the origin of the movements. I mean to say that instead of it just being automatically the habit, it should be automatically the divine Presence and Consciousness that causes the movement (Mother
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/20 May to 5 Aug 1970.htm
20 May 1970 Are we following your experience even a little? What should we do to be a little more in the movement? Some are beginning to have experiences; some have the experiences but do not know! (Mother laughs) It has some effect. The greatest difficulty, as always, is the mind, because it wants to understand in its own way. That is the difficulty... There are some who would go much more quickly if they did not have that. They have the feeling that if they do not understand mentally they have not understood. Page - 234 27 June 1970 Since long you have not spoken... (Silence) To express, there must be a minimum of mentalisa
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/CWMCE/Notes on The Way_Volume-11/22 Nov to 30 Dec 1967.htm
22 November 1967   There is a progress. At the end of the physical demonstration on the 2nd of December,¹ all the children in a chorus are going to pray, and I have written the prayer for them. I am going to read it to you. But I had not thought of it; I was asked and I did it. Probably they read the Bulletin and so they asked for a prayer – a prayer that is truly of the body. And I answered: The prayer of the cells of the body Now that, by the effect of the Grace, we are slowly emerging out of inconscience and waking to a con- scious life, an ardent prayer rises in us for more light, more consciousness, “O Supreme Lord of the un