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Tapasya A discipline imposed by the will for any spiritual end is tapasya. Tapasya: a discipline aiming at the realisation of the Divine. Mental tapasya: the process leading to the goal. Vital tapasya: the vital undergoes a rigorous discipline in order to transform itself. Integral tapasya: the whole being lives only to know and serve the Divine. Perfect tapasya: that which will reach its goal.            Page ― 45 No life can be successful without self-discipline. To be a man, discipline is indispensable. Without discipline one is only an animal. One begins to be a man only when one aspires to a higher and truer
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Harmony and Goodwill HARMONY Harmony: let us strive that the day may come when this will be the means and the end. Harmony is my aim and all that leads to harmony makes me happy. Integral harmony: harmony between things, harmony between people, harmony of circumstances and above all harmony of all aspiration directed towards the Supreme Truth. A harmonious collective aspiration can change the course of circumstances. Collective harmony is the work undertaken by the Divine Consciousness; It alone has the power to realise it. There is a deep and true consciousness in which all can meet in love and harmony. Page ― 197
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Work Silently For the sake of sadhana and for the sake of work, it is always better to work silently. When there is some work to do, the less one speaks of it the better it is. Talk as little as possible. Work as much as you can. X has a very bad habit of coming and talking to people while they are working. If he does not work himself, he should at least allow others to work conscientiously. So if he comes again to talk while you are working, you had better tell him – ”No, not now, we can talk when I have finished my work.”  7 January 1933 * It seems to me that the proof of sincerity is in work and not in planning. This is exactly wh
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Purity and Humility PURITY Purity is the best of powers. This is purity, to accept no other influence but only the influence of the Divine. On earth, true purity is to think as the Divine thinks, to will as the Divine wills, to feel as the Divine feels.  24 September 1945 * If one lives only for the Divine and by the Divine, there follows a perfect purity. Purity is perfect sincerity and one cannot have it unless the being is entirely consecrated to the Divine. Mother, tell me how I can keep Your service holy and free from the slightest stain of human impurity. By wanting it and always aspiring for it. Page ―
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Page - 132 I do not like that the word love should be polluted to speak of sexual desire, the human inheritance of the animal. You are making a great confusion between maternal sentiment which is, in the physical, an expression of the force of the universal Mother, and the physical act of procreation which is something wholly animal, most often even bestial, and which is only a means that Nature has found to perpetuate the different species.  6 October 1952 * Sexual relations belong to the past, when man was closer to the animal than to the Divine. All depends on what you expect from life, but if you sincerely want to do the Yoga, you must ab
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Happiness and Joy CHEERFULNESS Cheerfulness: a joyous smile of Nature. Cheerful endeavour: the joy that one finds in the effort towards the Divine. Mental cheerfulness: it knows how to take delight in everything. Keep a cheerful mind and a peaceful heart. Let nothing disturb your equanimity and make every day the necessary progress to advance with me steadily towards the goal.  29 October 1934 * HAPPINESS Happy heart: smiling, peaceful, wide open, without a shadow. Page — 192 You must never forget that you are much more helpful when you are quietly happy than when you become dramatic.  5 October 1932 * Be
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MATERIAL DESIRES Do not expect any satisfaction from physical life and you will no more be tied to it. For our passage in the material world, what is indispensable to our life and action is put at our disposal according to the place we should occupy there. The more we are consciously in contact with our inner being, the more exact are the means we are given.  3 June 1970 * What is truly needed will surely come. Things must be asked for only when truly needed. What is bad is slavery. Slavery to abstinence as well as slavery to needs. What comes we take but always ready to let it go, if it goes...   GREED (FOR FOOD) Greed for anything co
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QUARRELS You cannot expect the whole world to be at your service and everything to happen as you fancy it to be more convenient for you. You must stop quarrelling with everybody and about everything; otherwise how can you expect to make any progress in yoga?  23 September 1932 * Keep this attitude ­­­− never side with anybody nor take up any personal quarrel − think only of the Divine Peace, Harmony, Light and Happiness and become more and more their purified and quiet instrument.  18 September 1934 * You must never forget that I disapprove of quarrels and always consider that both sides are equally wrong. To surmount one's feelings, preferences, dislikes
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The Vital It came to my realisation that Life-Force and the Force to create movements in the body is seated deep within behind the upper abdomen. Yes, there is a seat of creative vital force there. 15 December 1933 * The vital is the seat of our power, energy, enthusiasm, effective dynamism. It needs a systematic education. Vital centre: passionate and strong, it asks for control. It is the vital that gives enthusiasm, but the vital by nature is unsteady and always wants new things. Unless it is converted and becomes a docile servant of the Divine, things are always fluctuating. Power of vital expression is useful only when the vital is con
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The Senses             The senses are liars − they do not convey to us the truth of things but only an incomplete and even falsified appearance of things.             It is extremely ignorant to think that the eyes and ears never deceive us. Every psychologist knows that they do; it is a fact known to all that one cannot rely on human evidence based on the eyes and ears and that human deductions founded on them can lead to gross errors. The same incident reported by ten different persons elicits ten different versions. Accurate perception: a perception which does not deform the Truth. Purified senses can be obtained only by a total surrender to the Truth.