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23 September 1953 “Each spot of the body is symbolical of an inner move- ment; there is there a world of subtle correspondences. But this is a long and complex subject and we can- not enter into its details just now. The particular place in the body affected by an illness is an index to the nature of the inner disharmony that has taken place. It points to the origin, it is a sign of the cause of the ailment. It reveals too the nature of the resistance that prevents the whole being from advancing at the same high speed. It indicates the treatment and the cure. If one could perfectly understand where the mistake is,
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17 June 1953 “There is a true movement of the intellect and there is a wrong movement: one helps, the other hinders.” Questions and Answers 1929 (5 May) * What is the true movement of the intellect? What exactly do you understand by intellect? Is it a function of the mind or is it a part of the human being? How do you understand it? A function of the mind. A function of the mind? Then it is that part of the mind which deals with ideas; is that what you mean? Not ideas, Mother. Not ideas? What else, then? Ideas, but.. There is a part of the mind which receives ideas, ideas that are formed in a higher mind. Still, I
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15 April 1953 You have written: “Do not try to pull at the forces of the Divine.” Questions and Answers 1929 (14 April) * Can one pull the divine forces by violence? Yes, if you call very strongly, if you aspire very strongly, you may pull down a large number of forces into you, but you will not be able to digest them, assimilate them. It is the same thing as with food; when you swallow all that you have at hand in one gulp, that causes indigestion, it chokes you. You cannot bear it. So if you want to go fast, if you hurry, you send a kind of call and pull towards you too great a number of forces, forces which otherwise would have come less quickly.
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18 March 1953 “We are conscious of only an insignificant portion of our being.” Questions and Answers 1929 (7 April) * What are these insignificant parts of our being? Almost all of them. There are very few things which are not insignificant; all your ordinary reactions, ordinary thoughts, sensations, actions, movements, – all this is very insignificant. It is only at times, when there is a flash of the higher consciousness through the psychic, an opening into something else, a contact with the psychic being (which may last for a second), at that moment, it is not insignificant. Otherwise, all the rest is repeated in millions and millions of copie
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11 November 1953 Mother is about to begin reading the first pages of Quelques Paroles, Quelques Prieres. The first texts were written in 1912. Many of you were not yet born. It was a small group of about twelve people who met once a week. A subject was given; an answer was to be prepared for the following week. Each one brought along his little work. Generally, I too used to prepare a short paper and, at the end, I read it out. That is what is given here – not all, only these two. These two first ones. Later, it was something else. The others appeared in Words of Long Ago. There were four meetings. The subject for the first meeting was: What is the aim to be
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Appendix (Extract from a talk of Sri Aurobindo with a French scientist-disciple) 8 May 1926 In the West the highest minds are turned not towards spiritual truth but towards material science. The scope of science is very narrow, it touches only the most exterior part of the physical plane. And even there, what does science know really? It studies the functioning of the laws, builds theories ever renewed and each time held up as the last word of truth! We had recently the atomic theory, now comes the electronic. There are, for instance, two statements of modern science that would stir up deeper ranges for an occultist:        1. Atoms are whirling systems
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25 November 1953 You have said: “It is in proportion to our trust in the Divine that the Divine Grace can act for us and help.”¹ If someone has no trust in the Divine, but calls very sincerely when he is in difficulty, in danger, what will happen to him? How can he call? The two things are contradictory. If he has no trust, he won’t even think of the Divine! He won’t think of calling. It is contradictory. He thinks of calling exactly in proportion to his trust… So? You have said here: “To smile at an enemy is to dis- arm him.”² “Smile” means what? One ought not to smile at an enemy! One ought not to!.. What I have state
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1 April 1953 “Ambition has been the undoing of many Yogis. That canker can hide long. Many people start on the Path without any sense of it. But when they get powers, their ambition rises up, all the more violently because it had not been thrown out in the beginning.” Questions and Answers 1929 (14 April) * What do you call a “canker”? It is an image, as of a fine mango, very beautiful to look at, and when one opens it, there is a worm inside. That is because the fly laid an egg before the fruit was formed; outside there is no trace. Everything seems candid, disinterested. But within, right at the bottom, there is a great ambition, the
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10 June 1953 “Attacks from adverse forces are inevitable: you have to take them as tests on your way and go courageous- ly through the ordeal. The struggle may be hard, but when you come out of it, you have gained something, you have advanced a step. There is even a necessity for the existence of the hostile forces. They make your determination stronger, your aspiration clearer. “It is true, however, that they exist because you gave them reason to exist. So long as there is some- thing in you which answers to them, their intervention is perfectly legitimate. If nothing in you responded, if they had no hold upon any part of
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22 July 1953 “There are two factors that have to be considered in the matter [the causes of illness]. There is what comes from outside and there is what comes from your in- ner condition. Your inner condition becomes a cause of illness when there is a resistance or revolt in it or when there is some part in you that does not respond to the protection; or even there may be something there that almost willingly and wilfully calls in the ad- verse forces. It is enough if there is a slight movement of this kind in you; the hostile forces are at once upon you and their attack takes often the form of illness.” Questions and An