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Yoga through work is the easiest and most effective way to enter into the stream of his sadhana Sri Aurobindo The Necessity Yoga through work Yoga through work is the easiest and most effective way to enter into the stream of this Sadhana. Sri Aurobindo The activity of each moment It is in the activity of each moment that we must serve Thee and identify ourselves with Thee rather than in deep and silent contemplation or in meditation, written or unwritten. The Mother Daily activity is the anvil
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You are rich only by the money that you give to the Divine Cause. The Mother Money A good trustee In your personal use of money look on all you have or get or bring as the Mother's. Make no demand but accept what you receive from her and use it for the purposes for which it is given to you. Be entirely selfless, entirely scrupulous, exact, careful in detail, a good trustee; always consider that it is her possessions and not your own that you are handling. On the other hand, What you receive fo
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AN OFFERING A Compilation from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother SRI AUROBINDO SOCIETY Puducherry- 605 002 First Edition: 2007 ISBN: 81-7060-259-9 Writings and Photographs of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Puducherry Published by Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry Printed at All India Press, Puducherry PRINTED IN INDIA
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Skilful hands, precise care, a sustained attention and one compels Matter to obey the Spirit. The Mother Material Things Rules In the most physical things you have to fix a programme in order to deal with them, otherwise all becomes a sea of confusion and haphazard. Fixed rules have also to be made for the management of material things so long as people are not sufficiently developed to deal with them in the right way without rules. Sri Aurobindo Waste Wanton waste, careless spoiling of physical thin
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My help is always with you to help you in your progress and your work. The Mother The Worker -Work in the Ashram Yoga Yoga is communion with God for knowledge, for love or for work. Sri Aurobindo The object of the Ashram This Ashram has been created with another object than that ordinarily common to such institutions, not for the renunciation of the world but as a centre and a field of practice for the evolution of another kind and form of life which would in the final end be moved by a hi
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Introduction Nature has been at work for millions and millions of years, creating numberless forms, constantly trying out, constantly exceeding her previous results. In man she has created a being endowed with a conscious will and having within him the potentiality to leap forward to the next step in evolution. In the words of Sri Aurobindo:*  "... all life, when we look behind its appearances, is a vast Yoga of Nature attempting to realise her perfection in an ever - increasing expression of her potentialities and to unite herself with her own divine reality. In man, her thinker, she for the first time upon this Earth devises self-conscious m
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Regard your life as given you only for the divine work and to help in the divine manifestation. Sri Aurobindo The Divine Worker The liberated man The liberated man has no personal hopes; he does not seize on things as his personal possessions; he receives what the divine Will brings in, covets nothing, is jealous of none: what comes to him he takes without repulsion and without attachment; what goes from him he allows to depart into the whirl of things without repining