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If you could make yourselves entirely pure instruments, things would go better. Sri Aurobindo The Instrument The Master, the Worker and the Instrument In thy works there are always these three, the Master, the Worker and the Instrument. To define them in oneself rightly and rightly possess them is the secret of works and of the delight of works.     Learn thou first to be the instrument of God and to accept thy Master. The instrument is this outward thing thou callest th
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. . . the true dignity is to be very courteous. The Mother Paid Workers True dignity You should be very polite with those who depend upon you for their living. If you ill-treat them, they feel very much but cannot reply to you as man to man for fear of losing their job.     There may be some dignity in being rough with your superiors, but with those who depend on you, the true dignity is to be very courteous. The Mother The way one is treated I am sure that servants behave according to the way they are
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Sri Aurobindo's work is a unique earth-transformation. The Mother The Sublime Work Unique Sri Aurobindo's work is a unique earth-transformation. The Mother Successful Future Do you know what the flower which we have called "Successful Future" signifies when given to you? It signifies the hope - nay, even the promise - that you will participate in the descent of the supramental world. For that descent will be the successful con- summation of our work, a descent of which the full glory has not yet been or else the whole face of li
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The difficulties are for the strong, and help to make them stronger. Persevere and you will conquer. The Mother The Difficulties Smallness Generally, people are altogether blind to the ugliness of their own actions. They do wrong through ignorance, through unconsciousness, through smallness, through that sort of doubling back on oneself which comes from unconsciousness and ignorance, that obscure instinct of self-preservation which makes one ready to sacrifice the whole world fo
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There is only one solution, to find your psychic being... The Mother The Solution Method, order, and care With method, order, and care there is no difficulty that cannot be solved. The Mother Gita's solution To live inwardly calm, detached, silent in the silence of the impersonal and universal Self and yet do dynamically the works of dynamic Nature, and more largely, to be one with the Eternal within us and to do all the will of the Eternal in the world expressed through
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The perfection of the work done is much more important than its bulk or the bigness of its scope. The Mother Illusion Perfection, not bulk or scope The perfection of the work done is much more important than its bulk or the bigness of its scope. The Mother Doing perfectly what one does When one works for the Divine, it is much better to do perfectly what one does than to aim at a very big work. The Mother Helping humanity You may open millions o
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Collaboration and reciprocal goodwill are indispensible for good work. The Mother Co-workers Sympathy and help Only those who sympathise can help  -  surely also one should be able to see the faults of others without hatred. Hatred injures both parties, it helps none. Sri Aurobindo To grow in the spirit To grow in the spirit is the greatest help one can give to others, for then something flows out naturally to those around that helps them. Sri Aurob
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All depends on the attitude with which you do the work. The Mother The Attitude The right attitude He (Sri Aurobindo) has explained this before. The right attitude is the attitude of trust, the attitude of obedience, the attitude of consecration. The Mother To be open to the Mother Not only in your inward concentration, but in your outward acts and movements you must take the right attitude. If you do that and put everything under the Mother's guidance, you will find that difficulties begin to diminish or are much more
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"Remember and Offer. " The Mother The Preparation Constant aspiration In the beginning of the Yoga you are apt to forget the Divine very often. But by constant aspiration you increase your remembrance and you diminish the forgetfulness. But this should not be done as a severe discipline or a duty; it must be a movement of love and joy. Then very soon a stage will come when, if you do not feel the presence of the Divine at every moment and whatever you are doing, you feel at once lonely and sad and miserable. The Mother The psychic self-con
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Foreword This compilation of the words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was first conceptualised as an Exhibition.     It is being presented here as a book because many who visited the exhibition felt that a handy volume would be a help in their life and sadhana.     The selections have been taken from the Centenary edition of the Collected works of the Mother and the Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library edition.     The chapter headings, the titles for the quotations as well as a few linking sentences (in italics in the book) have been given by the compilers.