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Page-517 Divine Solicitude The Mother said, "...with all my will I am working for the disappearance of suffering from the world". And she was by the side of all those who asked for her help and guidance. Page-518 Never forget that you are not alone. The Divine is with you helping and guiding you. He is the companion who never fails, the friend whose love comforts and strengthens. Have faith and He will do everything for you. Page-519 Page-520 Day and night hundreds of calls are coming — but the Consciousness is always alert and it answers. One is limited only mat
Resource name: /E-Library/Compilations/English/The Mother Her Miraculous Touch Vol - 2/The Golden Light.htm
The Golden Light Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have brought into the earth-play a new power that makes possible the process of transformation. The Supramental Light is now active in the earth atmosphere; the glorious future is no more a promise, it is a certitude. Page-344 .. .Sri Aurobindo says... that essentially, in its origin and deepest structure, the creation is divine, the world is divine; and that is why this divinity will be able to manifest one day, become tangible, express itself fully in place of all that veils and deforms it at present. Up to now, all that has manifested of this divinity is the world as we know it; but the man