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Installing the Divine Mother in the Temple of Earth 1 Reminiscences of Nolini Kanta Gupta 2 The legend goes that as Agastya journeyed South, the Vindhya mountains bent low to give him passage, and that they have remained low ever since and would continue in that posture until the Rishi came back. In connection with this story about the Vedic Rishi Agastya, one is almost automatically reminded of the endeavour of Sri Aurobindo. Like Agastya he journeyed South and set up a permanent seat here to emanate a new Light — he was even known in these parts as Uttara Yogi, the Yogi of the North. In his lines of work and sadh
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Journey: Towards The New And The Unknown Beyond the boundaries I have wrapped the wide world in my wider self And Time and Space my spirit's seeing are. . . . All Nature is the nursling of my care, I am the struggle and the eternal rest; The world's joy thrilling runs through me, I bear The sorrow of millions in my lonely breast. . . . I pass beyond Time and life on measureless wings, Yet still am one with born and unborn things. Sri Aurobindo A moment of transition: Impressions of Motilal Roy* Sri Aurobindo's sadhana at Chandernagore went on with intensity. He saw many visions on the su
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-21_Inner_Fruit_of_the_Avatar^s_Coming.htm Inner Fruit of the Avatar's Coming The inner fruit of the Avatar's coming is gained by those who learn from it the true nature of the divine birth and the divine works and who, growing full of him in their consciousness and taking refuge in him with their whole being, manmāy mām upāśritāḥ, purified by the realising force of their knowledge and delivered from the lower nature, attain to the divine being and divine nature, madbhāvam. The Avatar comes to reveal the divine nature in man above this lower nature and to show what are the divine works, free, unegoistic, disinterested, impersonal, universal, full of the divine light, the divine power and the div
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Savitri : A Bridge to the Future Flute of the Infinite: Savitri A sudden messenger from the all-seeing tops, Traversed the soundless corridors of his mind Bringing her rhythmic sense of hidden things. A music spoke transcending mortal speech. As if from a golden phial of the All-Bliss, A joy of light, a joy of sudden sight, A rapture of the thrilled undying Word Poured into his heart as into an empty cup, A repetition of God's first delight Creating in a young and virgin Time.... Spokesman of the silent seeings of the Supreme, She brought immortal words to mortal men.... All the gr
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Light Was Born A strong son of lightning A strong son of lightning came down to the earth with fire-feet of swiftness splendid; Light was born in a womb and thunder's force filled ahuman frame. The calm speed of heaven, the sweet greatness, pure passion, winged power had descended; All the gods in a mortal body dwelt, bore a single name. * Light (written at the age of 11, in 1883) From the quickened womb of the primal gloom, The sun rolled, black and bare, Till I wove him a vest for his Ethiop breast, Of the threads of my golden hair.... When I flashed on their sight, the heralds bright, Of Heave
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-19_The_Great_Assurance¹.htm The Great Assurance ¹ The great holocaust In her deep and great love for her children she has consented to put on herself the cloak of this obscurity, condescended to bear the attacks and torturing influences of the powers of the Darkness and the Falsehood, borne to pass through the portals of the birth that is a death, taken upon herself the pangs and sorrows and sufferings of the creation, since it seemed that thus alone could it be lifted to the Light and Joy and Truth and eternal Life. This is the great sacrifice called sometimes the sacrifice of the Purusha, but much more deeply the holocaust of Prakriti, the sacrifice of the Divine Mother. When
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Sowing the Seed of the Supramental Light in the Human Night I made an assignation with the Night; In the abyss was fixed our rendezvous: In my breast carrying God's deathless light I came her dark and dangerous heart to woo. I left the glory of the illumined Mind And the calm rapture of the divinised soul And travelled through a vastness dim and blind To the grey shore where her ignorant waters roll. I walk by the chill wave through the dull slime And still that weary journeying knows no end; Lost is the lustrous godhead beyond Time, There comes no voice of the celestial
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Tapasya for the Earth Bringing down the Supramental I have no intention of achieving the Supermind for myself only — I am not doing anything for myself, as I have no personal need of anything, neither of salvation (Moksha) nor supramentalisation. If I am seeking after supramentalisation, it is because it is a thing that has to be done for the earth-consciousness... * I care nothing for greatness or littleness in the human sense. I am seeking to bring some principle of inner Truth, Light, Harmony, Peace into the earth-consciousness; I see it above and know what it is — I feel it ever gleaming down on my consciousness from above and I am
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Footprints of God To the hill-tops of silence from over the infinite sea, Golden he came, Armed with the flame, Looked on the world that his greatness and passion must free. Sri Aurobindo Glimpses of Sri Aurobindo
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Dawn of a New World The Force is here July 6, 1914 ... the formidable omnipotence of Thy Force which is here, ready for the manifestation, waiting, building the propitious hour, the favourable opportunity: the incomparable splendour of Thy victorious sovereignty. The Force is here. Rejoice, O you who are waiting and hoping: the new manifestation is sure, the new manifestation is at hand. The Force is here. All nature exults and sings in gladness, all nature is at a festival: The Force is here. Arise and live; arise and be illuminated; arise and battle forthe transfiguration of all: The Force is here. A new world is bor