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Thirthieth Day's Proceedings THIRTIETH DAY’S PROCEEDINGS         Mr. Norton continuing his address said that amongst other things there was found a notebook containing some items of expenditure under the heading of "marriage expenditure" Counsel submitted that "marriage expenditure" referred to bomb making.      The Chief Justice: I think this is the book as to which criticism was made that it was not discovered until the third search ?      Mr. Norton: My explanation is this. The object which the police had in their mind was to discover materials in connection with the bombs, arms and ammunitions and so on. It did not occur to them that these boo
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Second Day's Hearing SECOND DAY’S PROCEEDINGS        His Lordship resumed the further hearing of the Alipore bomb case reference when Babu Bejoy Krishna Bose continued his argument on behalf of Sailendra Nath Bose and Krishnajibon Sanyal.      The Vakil observed that the Muraripukar garden was used as a monastery for imparting religious and political training, and the Goabagan house was used for making bombs in November and December. This was evident from the confessions of Ullaskar Dutt and Rishikesh Kanjilal. The appellants were found in the garden in the garb of Sanyasis. It was also in evidence and that was the case for the prosecution that new recr
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-33_Fourteenth Day^s Proceedings.htm FOURTEENTH DAY'S PROCEEDINGS Mr. Das continuing his address said that on the previous day. he was dealing with the case of Upendra Nath Banerjee and the "monkey" letter. Counsel had already submitted that this was a suspicious letter the address whereof seemed to be torn of and the postscript seemed to be in another ink. It was the postscript which established the connection between the garden and Seal’s Lodge. There was no evidence as to who wrote that letter. The Sessions Judge compared the handwriting with that of another letter, with which Counsel would deal in connection with the case of Sudhir. The next document was exhibit 776 which was a
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-26_Seventh Day^s Proceedings.htm SEVENTH DAY’S PROCEEDINGS Mr. Das continuing his speech said that on Saturday he was dealing with the evidence of Narendra Nath Mullick and their Lordships would remember that with reference to the cross-examination of the garden watch witnesses he mentioned three dates, namely, 17th , 24th and 25th . With regard to the first two days he stated that Sarat Chandra Palit was with him in Dooni Lal Seal’s garden, but Sarat Chandra Palit did not support him. On the 25th , Narendra said, Chandi Charan was with him, but the latter did not mention anything about it. With regard to No. 4, Harrison Road counsel had pointed out to their lordships that Narendra was n
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-80_Reference-Eleventh Day^s Proceedings.htm ELEVENTH DAY’S PROCEEDINGS His Lordship resumed the further hearing of the reference in the Alipore Bomb case. The Advocate General continuing his argument in the case against Birendra Chunder Sen, one of the Sen brothers of Sylhet, referred to the various exhibits against this accused. The book of explosive compound and the powder found at Sylhet incriminated this accused. Besides those there was the statement which Biren made before Mr. Kemp, District Superintendent of Police, to the effect that he had borrowed Rs. 8 from Barindra Kumar Ghose. This could not be concocted by the police for it was amply corroborated by the postal money order rece
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-70_Reference-First Day^s Hearing.htm Justice Sir Richard Harrington, Bart. FIRST DAY’S PROCEEDINGS Babu Bejoy Krishna Bose in opening the case said that the case for the prosecution was that the appellants were members of a gang whose object was to wage war against the King- Emperor and several places were mentioned by the prosecution as the haunt of the conspiracy. In pursuance of that conspiracy five overt acts were committed. Of those five two were futile attempts upon the train carrying Sir Andrew Fraser, late Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, near Chandernagar on the East-Indian Railway. The police had no information of these two attempts and they came to know of them when c
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Defence Exhibits. A—Duplicate copy of search list marked Ex. 29/1-3 B —Envelope with "On Her Majesty's Service". C —Deposition of S. I. Satis Banerjea, P. W. 185, Lower Court. D — Do. Abdul Noor, P. W. 18, Do. E—Application of P. C. Biswas to Chief Presidency Magistrate, dated 5th May 1908. F—Police chalan, dated 10th June 1908 G —A pencil plan, dated 2Ist November 1908. H.—Deposition of Superintendent Cregan, P. W. 2, (1st batch). H / 1, — Do. do. (2nd batch). I.—Search warrant, dated 1st May :908. J.—Search warrant, dated 1st May 1908. J/a.— Do. dated 2nd May 1908. J.—Deposition of Superintendent Merriman, P.
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Twenty - Third Day's Proceedings FORTY-THIRD DAY’S PROCEEDINGS        Mr. Das continuing his argument referred to the "Mukti Kon Pathe" and said that on the 1st July the proof sheets of this book were found and seized by the police in the "Yugantar" office. No action was taken by the police for several months and thinking that there was nothing wrong Abinash published the book. Counsel was proceeding on the assumption that Abinash did publish this book. If his story was true, as he said, it was no evidence of conspiracy.      Carnduf J : Which story ?      Mr. Das : What I am stating now.      Carnduff, J : Assuming he did publish
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-58_Thirty Nineth Day^s Proceedings.htm THIRTY-NINTH DAY’S PROCEEDINGS Mr. Norton continuing his argument on behalf of the Crown said that on Friday evening when the court rose he was dealing with the case of the two Sen brothers. Mr. Norton after reading the evidence of the search witnesses went on dealing with the exhibits, that were found in the house of the two appellants. Counsel next dealt with the case against Susil. Exhibit 475 was Biren’s diary containing writings of Susil. " I am going to the lap of one, who is the mother of thirty crores of sons "was the expression written there by Susil. The case for the prosecution was that Susil contemplated about going to the garden.
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Twenty Seventh Day's Proceedings TWENTY-SEVENTH DAY’S PROCEEDINGS         Mr. Norton continuing his address said that on Tuesday he dealt finally with regard to “Yugantar". Counsel had placed extracts from all the issues available to the Crown for the purpose of enabling their Lordships to see the general tenor of those articles and he had shown to their Lordships that the objects of those who ran the "Yugantar" was really to stir up revolution and to stir it up in the guise of appeal to patriotism which was based upon absolutely untrue representations about the financial draining of the country, violation of female modesty and temples, etc. Page 294