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Giordano Bruno has said: “The external forms are alone subject to change and destruction; for these forms are not the things themselves. Deliver thyself from the inconstancy of human things
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This book closes with the end of the month. Let it be also the end of all your difficulties and troubles, and the beginning of an always happy life. With love and blessings. In the Book of Knowledge one can read: “When thou hast recognised the impermanence of all formations, thou shalt contemplate that which does not perish and remains for ever.”
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Antione the Healer has said: “Often man is preoccupied with human rules and forgets the inner law.”
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We read in the Sutra in 42 articles: “The important thing is to practise what is taught. It is no use being with the Master if one does not oneself practise or cannot profit by it.”
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Another saying of Ramakrishna: “One who thinks that his spiritual guide is merely a man, can draw no profit from his contact.” Here is another good advice from Ramakrishna: “Do not listen if one criticises or blames thy Master, leave his presence that very moment.” Here is on of Ramakrishna's sayings: “The company of saints and sages is one of the
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An advise from Orphic Hymns: “Love light and not darkness.”
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In the Bhagavad Gita one reads: “All that man does comes to its perfection in knowledge. That do thou learn by prostration to the wise and by questioning and by serving them; they who have the knowledge and see the truths of things shall instruct thee in the knowledge.”
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Confucius has said: “It is impossible to arrive at the summit of the mountain without passing through rough and difficult paths.” Confucius has said: “It is better to love the Truth than merely to know its principles, but better than loving the Truth is to make it one's sole delight and practice.” Confucius has said: “There is as much virtue in the hum
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The Epistle to the Hebrews gives this advice: “Obey them that guide you and submit yourselves; for they watch over your souls.”
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Demophilus has said: “Do what thou knowest to be good without expecting from it any glory. Forget not that the Vulgar are bad judge of good actions.”